Sunday, February 27, 2011

Annnnnnnd he's back!

Yesterday, after not finishing his breakfast, Lucas lounged on the living room couch for about an hour.

I said to Abel, something is wrong with Lucas.

I don't think that child has ever sat still for an hour (without the TV on, of course!) in his entire life. Not to mention, he asks for more to eat for breakfast almost every day.

He didn't have a fever. Nothing bad was coming out either end (ahem, you know what I mean). He seemed fine.

Except, that he didn't.

It was quite bizarre. We let him watch a few cartoons on TV, he ate about a bite of lunch, then lounged for a few more hours. Mid-afternoon I bribed him to eat with a little bit of ice cream, which he finished but didn't ask for more. (Again. Very strange.) And then I started to get worried.

Could something be really wrong?

He slept in until 8am this morning. Not totally unheard of, but surprising because he had such a low key day yesterday. But, the moment he boisterously bounded down the stairs, I knew he was okay.

After about an hour of talking, playing, hugging, moving his brother, telling stories, asking for breakfast, more breakfast please, playing, asking me to play with him, jumping, more hugging and more and more and more talking, I realized that since nothing was really wrong in the end, yesterday was kind of a nice change of pace.

But, I sure was glad to have my crazy little buddy back.

*I realize this could also be titled And, she's back. Sorry for the long absense.

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