Friday, August 31, 2012


After our Mantis nymphs were born and released during less-than-ideal weather circumstances in April we've spent the summer with our eyes peeled for any sign of them. But, alas, not a single mantis was spotted! Abel snapped these two pics of the same stately guy just today. He could be doing a little better job with the mosquitoes that have been eating me alive all summer (ahem!) and I desperately hope he has some hidden friends! But, mostly, I can't wait to order another round of Praying Mantis or other creepy crawlies next spring!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School Goodies

Eeek! Only two weeks until Lucas's first day of FIRST grade. I really can't believe it. As the PTA president (yep, second year in a row, what am I thinking??) (kidding!!) (kind of.), I wanted to include a little something in the teachers' welcome back bags. I'm not the craftiest person ever (plus we were talking 50 little somethings which really adds up quickly money-wise!) but I am pleased with this little goodies I whipped up. I obviously played off the Olympic theme with the gift tag and the baggie has a handful of assorted gold wrapped candies -- Rolo, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Werther's hard candies. It's a small token but I think it will be appreciated.

Now....we just have to finish that school supply shopping list!
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pro Parent Tip: Minimizing Splashes

I truly wish I could take credit for this awesome parent tip, but, alas, full credit goes to #1 Dada, Abel. Like his brother before him, Nathaniel loves, loves, loves the bath. And, of course, accompanying all that fun is a lot of splashing!

Now that he's old enough that we don't have to be right next to him the entire time, we close the liner, throw the curtain up over the top and let him splash away 'til his heart's content (or 'til his little piggies are prunes!). The closed liner stops 99% of the water from escaping the tub. It's brilliant!

Oh, here's a bonus pro tip I can take credit for -- I often use this part of bath time to multitask and do some bathroom cleaning -- toilet, sink, etc. I'm in the room with him and interacting but still getting an unpleasant task completed.

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