Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just blame it on Sarah

Have you heard about this flu that is going around? It sounds horrible--lasting a week or more. The flu shot is only about 30% effective against it. I'm terrified of getting it.

So when I heard my sister in San Diego had it, I was a little leery of calling her. I was afraid she'd transmit her germs through the phone. Silly me. That's not possible. So I called her to check in.

Big Mistake.

That was Tuesday night. Wednesday night I was exhausted. Suddenly freezing. Oh, the chills. The layers couldn't keep me warm. Then the heat, the sweating, then more chills.

Yup. A fever.

I woke up this morning feeling better. Except for horribly painful lymph nodes under my left arm. Seriously they are like hard lumps and are so sore. Obviously I've looked this up on WebMD and you it looks like I have anything from a virus to AIDS to a tumor. Given the fever last night and my generally good health, I'm going with option #1 and will expect to be feeling better by tomorrow.

But, Sarah, just know that I'm blaming all of this on you!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I fear I have lost my five readers with my long hiatus. But, I promise I didn't forget about you! In fact, I thought of you every day!

I've been preparing for, taking, and recovering from a work trip to Florida. And, I'll admit, it was glorious. 85 and sunny. Oh how wonderful! I spent 4 days and nights with my co-worker (Hi Sarah!) and we got along splendidly the entire time.

And I have also been preparing for and having my mother-in-law visit. Don't get me wrong, she's great, but you know, not much time for blogging.

And so my loyal readers. I'm back. Woo hoo!

The only real mishap was the loss of my pocket knife at the airport. This is a long-standing joke in my family. My dad got me a great little key chain pocket knife several years ago for Christmas. I'll tell you, it is the best thing and I use it all the time. Emergency tweezers? Check. Scissors? Check. Tiny knife? Check! Apparently the FAA thinks I could hijack a plane with this thing and since I carry it on my house keys it is always with me. Bottom line: a mini Swiss Army pocketknife key chain has been on my Christmas list EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Except this past year, I was so proud not to have listed it. I'd gone an entire year--and many flights--without losing it! Until Thursday. I remembered it right before my purse went through the x-ray and surrendered it willingly. I guess this is the official start of my '09 list. Are you reading Dad?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I've always loved Valentine's Day. When we were young my parents gave my brother, sister and me a little red heart-shaped tin. Every year they would fill our tins with Valentine's candy from the fancy candy shop in town. We used to make our own class valentines. Usually red cut-out hearts with a lollipop in the middle and these letters: U R A Q T N I N V U. Get it? I always thought that was so clever.

My freshman year in college our RA had an activity night of making alentines. That got me hooked and for years I hand made valentines for my friends and family. Every year since Abel and I started dating I have hand made a special valentine for him. We actually count Valentine's Day as our dating anniversary so it is a special occasion for both of us. This year marks 8 years since we've been together. What a long time!

Our first Valentine's Day was so special. We had been hanging out and had even kissed but I wasn't really sure he was that serious about me. He was completely broke back then and told me he wanted to make me dinner rather than go out.

I certainly didn't expect how special he would make that dinner. When I came home from work that evening (story for another day: we were living together when we met!) I found the first floor of our house completely transformed! He had covered all the boxes and bikes in the junk room with strings of white lights then draped everything with white sheets on which he perched all sorts of candles. He had created a little table for two in the middle of the room and had romantic music playing. He made an amazing four course meal and treated me like a queen, serving me each course and keeping my wine glass full! We even danced between courses. I'd never had such a romantic evening, nor had I ever felt so special.

A few days before Valentine's Day that year, I made him a Valentine. It was a card with a king of hearts playing card on the front. Inside I wrote "You are my King of Hearts". Oh, how I struggled with how to sign the card. Love? Would that freak him out? Yours? Was I his? I finally decided on a little heart before my name. And I was so nervous about actually giving it to him. Would he think it was corny? Would he freak out that I was too serious? I think I already knew I loved him and so decided to take the risk of giving it to him. He loved it.

I'm pretty sure he's kept each of these cards over the years--what a fun history of our love.

Happy Valentine's Day, Babe. I love you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thawing but proud

My fingers have barely thawed enough to type this post. I just got home from working the polls from 6:30am until 8:30pm with a break of a few hours in the afternoon. I stood outside and greeted voters through bone-chilling temperatures, wind, snow, sleet and rain. There were icecicles hanging down from the hood on my poncho.

I love our country!

There were a lot of people supporting my candidate. Some supporting the other guy. And some undecided. I feel pretty good that I swayed at least a few of those. But the bottom line is that they all came out in that same weather and voted. People came at 7am before going to work. One woman came at 8am after working all night. Moms came with two and three kids in tow. People came after a 2 hour commute home through horrible weather.

And no matter how they voted, I made a concerted effort to thank every single person who left the polls. I cautioned them to drive carefully and waved as they drove away.

Sure there were some small problems with the polls. The election judges wouldn't give me the count of ballots cast. Even though I followed proper procedure and even told them the page number in their election manual that says that I am allowed to ask the count and unless there are extraordinary circumstances they should give it to me.

But overall, it was a great day for democracy in our country.

And I am proud to have been part of it.

Monday, February 11, 2008


I'm very excited about voting in the Potomac Primary tomorrow. I never really thought that my vote would matter, that things wouldn't be sewn up by now in the Democratic nomination process. But it does!

The thing is, I'm still undecided.

I'm leaning one way, but Abel is strongly pushing me the other way. And, he does make some great points. I never understood how people could walk into the polling place still undecided. But it is looking like that might just be me tomorrow.

As big as the presidential primary is, though, it isn't my top concern tomorrow. You see, I'll be working the polls from 6:30am until 8pm (with a two hour thawing break in-between) for my candidate.

Here's the forecast for tomorrow. Please send warm thoughts my way!

Tuesday, February 12

Hourly Forecast

6am 21°F -- Feels Like 14°F
9am 26°F -- Feels Like 18°F
12pm 32°F -- Feels Like 23°F
3pm 36°F -- Feels Like 28°F
6pm 37°F -- Feels Like 31°F
9pm 37°F -- Feels Like 32°F

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Story of How the Little Boy Got His Stroller

There once was a little boy who lived near a park. One summer afternoon when the little boy and his Mama walked to the park there was a little girl there with a little pink baby doll stroller. Oh how the boy's eyes lit up! Luckily this was a little girl who didn't mind sharing and so the little boy delighted in pushing the stroller all around the park.

Later that evening the little boy's Mama told the little boy's Dada what fun he had with the stroller and that she was planning to buy him one. The little boy's Dada reacted in a most suprising way. "No" he said, "my son is not going to have a stroller!" Shocked and surprised by this modern man's very un-modern view, the Mama tried to convey what delight the stroller brought to the little boy. Still, the Dada was not swayed.

And so the Mama quietly suggested to relatives that a stroller might be an excellent Christmas or birthday present for the little boy. Alas, no one took the hint and the little boy remained strollerless.

After Christmas the Mama tried to buy a purple doll stroller for the little boy (you see the only color options seem to be pink or purple) and the Dada once again said, "No. My son is not going to push around a stroller!" The Dada went so far as to take it right out of the cart!

A few months later, on an unseasonably warm winter day, the little boy and his Dada went to the park. Once again there was a little girl there with a little pink baby doll stroller. Only this little girl wasn't feeling as generous as the first little girl: she would not share with the little boy. The Dada witnessed first-hand the pure joy and then total dejection in the little boy's eyes.

Later that night the little boy's Dada told the little boy's Mama all about how happy the little boy was so see the stroller and how incredibly sad he was that he couldn't play with it. The Mama was not surprised and used all her personal will power to refrain from saying "I told you so."

Still later that night the little boy's Dada went to the computer and searched and searched for a non-pink non-purple baby doll stroller for the little boy.

Fifty dollars (mind you that is approximately $35 more than the in-store pink and purple strollers) a navy and apple green stroller was ordered!

One day later (50% of that money was spent on overnight shipping!) the stroller arrived. And the little boy's eye's lit with delight as he pushed his animals around the house.

And the Dada's eyes lit with delight as he watched his little boy play with his new stroller.

The End.

Monday, February 4, 2008

A jumble

My brain is just a jumble of thoughts. All weekend I tried to think of what to write, how to write, all that I am thinking about these days. I want to write a cheery update about how great our date afternoon was on Friday. And it was. But it was also a wake-up call about needing to devote more time and attention and love to the two of us, each other. I think we have been giving all our best energy and love to Lucas which of course is important but it is also important to remember that we have to devote a lot of that to ourselves, too.

I also want to write about my dear friends who need so many prayers right now. These two friends are going through two very different but very difficult situations. My mind has not wandered from either of them--rather it keeps wandering to them every few minutes. I can't remember a time when I've felt like I was in such constant prayer for others. That is about all I have to offer them, my thoughts and prayers. I feel like my prayers are everything and not even close to being enough. K. and J. please know I am here for you in any and every way possible--both now and in the weeks and months to come.

My brother is on my mind. He thought he had found The One. We all thought so, too. But she's not. And he's devestated. And I'm so mad at her. And sad for him.

And I'm entering into a new political venture--helping with the special election for our new county councilmember. It is so exciting. This work truly nourishes me and makes me feel so energized. I know I can use my skills and experience to help get a really good person elected. This person can make a real difference. Yet I struggle--am I taking too much time away from my family? Where is that balance? When I was just helping out with one race, the craziness was just going to last until the Primary on Nov. 12. Now, with this new race it will last another 45 days or so beyond that. Is that an okay sacrifice for my family because it does so much good for me and potentially for our community?

So much to think about. My mind is just full of jumping beans--one thought to the next nothing getting the full attention it deserves.