Friday, October 12, 2012

Rest in Peace, Sleep Sound, Rest in Peace

It it with great sadness that I bid farewell to my faithful sleeping companion of fifteen years. I've professed my love for this small machine before and am not at all exaggerating about the great sadness I felt on Tuesday night when I realized it was really dead. Truly, I feared I would be awake all night. But, alas, somehow I have managed to sleep for the past few nights, although I have been unable to actually discard my broken companion.

This guy helped me sleep through college dorm room antics, Vegas hotel room antics (sharing a room with far-too-many people!), the light stirrings of babies and toddlers, the snores of husbands, (er, husband!), and so much more.

He's traveled from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from north to south, in carry-ons and packed luggage. He's been dropped, knocked, perhaps even thrown (never by me, by a young not-to-be-named child), and finally--without warning--has ceased his soothing sounds.

Goodbye, Sleep Sound, goodbye.

{Your replacement will be ordered momentarily!}

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More DIY Art

In my on-going effort to follow my New Year Resolution to "Do creative things" I created another little DIY art project. I'm thrilled with the results!

It all started with my leftover and VERY out-of-date blogger business cards. I'm guessing I ordered this set in 2006. They're Moo mini cards and I love them. I wasn't using them anymore because my contact info and blog info are both out of date but I couldn't bear to throw them away because they are so gorgeous -- look at those lovely back designs!

What to do???

On my last trip to Ikea, I bought a simple black frame thinking that I could do something with it and the Moo cards. Last Sunday I had a few moments to myself so I pulled out the frame, cards and glue and got to work.

I experimented with placing the cards over the white mat, thinking they would make an interesting border for a photo.

Then I decided to make the cards the feature.

I cut a piece of card stock to be the same size as the mat and using very light pencil, outlined the opening. Then I got to work gluing overlapping the cards to fill up the space:

And here's the final product!

 It's hanging in our bedroom next to our wedding photo. (Look at that good-looking and YOUNG couple!!)

I love it!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Am I in your reader?

This feed seems to have disappeared from my own Google Reader -- I've heard Feedburner is going away but I didn't think that would affect me on Google Reader. Am I showing up in your reader?
Please let me know!!!!


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