Friday, January 13, 2012

Over at The DC Moms

Are you a huge fan of The DC Moms yet? There are some great writers over there and I'm thrilled to be  part of it. I hope you'll head over and check out my post about the day I stopped buying napkins and paper towels. You can do it, too!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Do Creative Things: Handmade T-shirt Scarf

If you're on Pinterest (and if you are not when WHY????) then you've certainly seen examples of these homemade t-shirt scarves (aka t-shirt necklaces). I had t-shirt in this fabulous color that I always stretched out within just a few hours of wearing it and that drove me crazy. So, the other night I grabbed it and some scissors and in about 10 minutes my brand new scarf was done!

Here's a great tutorial!

I really don't think you can go wrong in making it -- my scissors were crappy and the cuts were all completely jagged but once you stretch out the loops they roll up such that you can't even tell (well I do see one edge sticking out on the top right in this photo but whatever!)

Of course I was just dying for someone to compliment me at work the other day. The moment someone did I blurted out, "I made it!!!!"

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Do Creative Things: Photo Props

It's January 4, we've been back to work and school for two days and already the New Year's celebrations seem like the distant past! Abel and I had a great time ringing in 2012 with good friends and within walking distance of our house--can't beat that!

If I do say so myself (which obviously I'm going to!) Abel and I really helped make the party with his awesome new camera (Christmas gift courtesy of moi!) and the photo booth props we worked on. Above is just a small sample of the nearly 30 different props we had. Everyone enjoyed them! And even better (though not so great for sharing on this blog post) everyone had at least one fun photo memento to take home from the evening.

Abel and I posed with me wearing a black mustache and him wearing big red lips and that yellow bead necklace above and Lucas is getting such a kick out of the photo!

The props are only printed on card stock and so I wasn't sure if they'd hold up but they all did! So now I can have them on hand for a future party, too! Plus I think I'll add some fun paper hats next time around.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012


I'm reading The Happiness Project and am inspired to write some actual New Year's Resolutions for the first time in...years. Here they are -- written out and public to keep me accountable.


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