Monday, June 30, 2008

It's a giveaway! No, it's a contest! No, it's good karma!

Loyal readers know how much I love a contest. They also know that I'm quite lucky when it comes to winning said contests. And so I'm passing the good karma along and joining in on Swistle's awesome Group Effort Pay it Forward! contest.

Woo hoo!!

Here are the details -- to enter simply leave a comment (one comment only, please!) on this post by 11:59pm on July 4. I'll use a random number generator to choose a winner. Said winner will then receive a wonderful package of yet-to-be-determined goodies in the mail from me!

Then, and here's the "pay it forward" part, said winner is strongly encouraged to host a fun and easy giveaway on her/his blog in order to continue the fun!

Got it? Good.

Now, I fully realize that many of my most loyal readers don't have their own blogs. Please do not let that discourage you from entering. If you don't blog but do win then perhaps you can just do some other sort of pay-it-forward good deed.

Now be a good little reader and leave a comment to enter! (The winner will be chosen randomly, but witty comments are strongly encouraged!)

Oh, and if you don't already read Swistle, go check her out. She's one of my absolute favorite bloggers that I've never met!

Let them eat cake

I love birthday celebrations. And, I love cake.

I've figured out a way to double both and wrote about it here.

check it out!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vile liquid

I'm currently half way through drinking the second of three bottles of the most horrible, horrible liquid ever. I have a CAT Scan this afternoon at 1:30pm (to make sure my lymph nodes are back down to normal) and I'm convinced that the mean receptionist (who always looks annoyed and pissed off) gave me the wrong stuff to drink. When I had my CAT Scan in the ER they mixed the dye with cranberry juice and it only filled up a large Styrofoam cup. Why am I now drinking three HUGE bottles of chalky white liquid? I'm convinced that this is actually the crap they give you before a colonoscopy (pun intended, people!). And, on top of that, last night I couldn't sleep thinking that maybe I shouldn't be having the CAT Scan today because I'm feeling a little sick and if my body is fighting a cold then my lymph nodes might be a a little enlarged and then they might show up on the scan and everyone will freak out for nothing. So now I'm sitting here thinking I'm literally choking down the wrong stuff for a scan that is all going to be for naught. UGH.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Political Dinner

I mentioned that we've been incredibly busy lately. Unlike our bedroom-remodeling-shower-planning-house-cleaning busyness of a few weeks ago, the last week has been filled with lots of fun, social events.

One of these was a dinner party on Sunday evening hosted by a former boss of mine with two other couples. The wives at the dinner party had all worked together under our hostess; and, during our years as colleagues, we enjoyed many political discussions. With this exciting election season, our hostess had been dying to get us all back together, along with our husbands, for great conversation and discussion. Sunday worked as a common date for each of us.

Let me tell you, the wonderful food and wine were only surpassed by the wonderful conversation!

The true testament to the evening was Abel's comment as we drove away. You see, often when we leave social events that are "mine" Abel comments, "you owe me one, Babe." And, often I do. When we left on Sunday evening, however, he said, "that was really fun! I had a great time."

In the true style of our hostess, we were all given an assignment to prepare for the evening. She e-mailed in advance, "Here's your assignment, aside from being ready to talk about November 4: please come with a story of your introduction to politics. What/who inspired you to get involved in the process? What was the first election you remember? This should be fun."

So, dear readers, I thought you'd enjoy my story....

It was 1984 and I was in second grade. My teacher, who will remain nameless here, told my classmates and me that Walter Mondale "killed babies and would make us go to school year-round". Well, that was certainly not someone we could support! So, several of the girls and I spent our recesses making up cheers for Ronald Regan. The thing was, I knew--even at age 7--that my grandmother was a Mondale supporter and that she'd be extremely disappointed to learn I was supporting Regan. Yet, I felt it was my duty to tell her and to explain my reasons. So, on our next visit to my grandparents' home, I worked up the courage and told her everything. Of course, she immediately told me my teacher was wrong! But, she also told me that I was free to support whichever candidate I wanted and that no matter who I supported she still loved me.

Let's just say that 2nd grade was probably the very last time I've ever supported a Republican!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Port Discovery Museum, Baltimore

Sorry for the week without posts, dear readers. We have been busy, busy, busy!

Last Friday, Abel took the morning off and we took a quick half-day trip to Baltimore, MD, which is less than an hour drive for us. Earlier in the year we made a donation to Maryland Public Television because when Lucas does watch TV we always tune into MPT for great, commercial-free cartoons. Anyway, the premium happened to be four tickets to Port Discovery which expired on July 1. Our weekends have been packed lately so we decided we'd go on a weekday (with the added benefit of smaller crowds!).

We left town at 9:15am and had parked and were at the front door of the museum by 10:10am. As there are only three of us and we had four tickets, I had already decided to give the extra ticket away to the lucky family who entered right in front or behind us. It was so fun to give the ticket away and make some one's day!

After getting matching wristbands for the three of us (which they double-checked before we were allowed to leave with Lucas--love that safety check!) we were off and running. Literally. Lucas galloped from one station to the next all morning!

Our favorite exhibit was the Wonders of Water room. They offered raincoats and crocs of all sizes for the kids to put on--and there is a full body blow dryer to dry up any wet spots before you leave. And, trust me, you'll probably need all three! I think we all would have been happy to stay in this room all morning; as it was, we definitely spent the most time in there. It was very cool!

Two other favorites included the Farm and Royal Farms Fill 'er Up Station where Lucas could be just like Dada by checking the tire pressure and filling up the car with a "real" gas pump!

There were so many great exhibits. Some were too old for Lucas and maybe one was a little too young. We stayed for just over 3 hours and felt like we hit most of the good stuff. Had we packed lunch (I noted a lunchroom but am not sure if they sold any food) we could have stayed a bit longer. But, Lucas gets pretty crabby without an afternoon nap, so I'm not sure it would have been worth it for us.

Instead, we ate lunch at a nearby restaurant then walked down to the Inner Harbor to see the water and ships. We pulled out of the parking garage by 2:30pm and Lucas was fast asleep before we hit the street!

Tickets are only $11.75 per person which is a great deal in my book. If you live in the greater-DC-Baltimore-area, I highly recommend Port Discovery!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Independent Play

I hate to even write this as I'm terrified I'm going to jinx things. But, here's the thing, Lucas has been such a doll lately. It's like he's all grown up.

Are the terrible twos over?

Take this morning for example. Our friends Kerry and Jack were coming over for a play date and then we were all going to meet another friend for a lunch picnic. As I was making sandwiches, doing the dishes and cleaning up a bit, Lucas played by himself for about 45 minutes. And, he didn't make a huge mess.

I'm not sure that any non-parents out there will truly understand the magnitude of this. But, I'll repeat: Played. By. Himself. For 45 Minutes.

As nice as it was to get some things done without a toddler underfoot, it was also a lot of fun to peek in and listen in to him playing. Lucas cleaned the floor. He cooked in his kitchen. He played trucks and the "dada" dump truck gave the "baby" dump truck a ride.

Apparently there was also some hitting. And, consequently, 2 minutes on the naughty step. Lucas had to use a stern voice to enforce that punishment But, it does sound like dump truck got the message as he didn't move off the step.

Hmmmm....wonder where he learned that?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Morbid? Not at all.

So, have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend your own funeral and hear all the nice things people have to say about you?


Well, I have.

And, I think it would feel almost exactly like what it felt like to read this. Only I'm still alive and so get to say thank-you to my little sister for making me feel so wonderful.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

You so silly, Mama

I don't know if the word "silly" would be in anyone's top 10 list of adjectives used to describe Smiling Mama.

In fact, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't even be in the top 20.

Happy or nice? Yes.

Silly? No way.

Abel is definitely silly. He loves to laugh. And has an amazing laugh. When I'm with him I laugh more. And, during those rare moments when Lucas, Abel and I are all just hanging out and playing, we laugh a lot.

And so I hope that the word "silly" might just make it into Lucas's top 10 words to describe his Mama. Well, I hope it would if, a) he knew what an adjective was or b) could name 10 of them.

One of the silly things we do together is "practice faces". I love to do this during dinner because, let's be honest, you run out of dinner-table conversation pretty quickly with a 2.5 year old.

Here's how you play:

1) one preson calls out an emotion; and

2) everyone does the appropriate face for it.

Some easy ones are: happy, sad, angry. Slightly more challenging emotions include: silly, confused or scared.

I'll tell you what: Lucas is pretty darn good at this game. And, he's hysterical! We all end up in peels of laughter. After a few rounds he will even call out the emotion (though I can generally predict it will be one we recently did!).

Lucas doing "scared" is definitely my favorite. He crosses his arms over his chest, gets a very very serious look on his face and literally shakes his whole body.

That kid is so silly!

And maybe, just maybe, so am I.

(So feel free to officially add "silly" to your list if you have one!)

(Oh, and if you don't happen to have a list of top 10 adjectives to describe me but would like to make one, feel free! Go ahead and put it in the comments. Sarah, I'm specifically talking to you!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Going Green

I'm pretty excited about all the little ways we're "going green" in our household this summer.

1) Green cleaning. Although my mom literally laughed at me when I told her I was hosting a "green cleaning" workshop earlier this spring and she questioned my green cleaners when she cleaned my house recently, I do use green cleaners and promise they work! (Well, maybe not so well when you've been in the hospital and haven't really cleaned the bathtub in a few weeks....!)

2) Eating locally. There are several ways we're reducing our carbon footprint as far as food goes and I'm loving all of them.

First, back in April we started getting our milk delivered in re-usable glass bottles from South Mountain Creamery. Every Tuesday morning we put out our cooler and ice packets and receive milk, butter, yogurt, free range eggs, grass fed beef, or any other delectable item I order that week. I can't tell you how wonderful this is. And, the milk is actually cheaper than buying organic in the grocery store!

Second, we bought a share of a CSA -- that's a community supported agriculture farm. Every week we go pick up fresh veggies, herbs and flowers as our share of the farm's harvest that week. Half of the harvest goes to people like us who have purchased shares and the other half is distributed free or at reduced prices through the Capital Area Food Bank. So far this summer we've enjoyed amazingly sweet strawberries, wonderful spicy salad greens, bok choy, Chinese lettuce, chives, fresh lavender and all kinds of other wonderful treats.

Third, we've been patronizing our local community market. Started by a local citizen, our community markets will run every other Saturday morning through the summer. Last weekend I spent just under $40 on fresh bread and pastries, fresh homemade pasta, homemade pasta sauce, Maryland wine, a big bag of organic salad greens and baby squash. Our dinner on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday and lunch on Sunday consisted entirely of these local, fresh ingredients. Yum!

3) Rain Barrel -- Last Saturday Abel attended a workshop hosted by Progressive Cheverly and made a rain barrel for our back yard. Total cost $20 (plus a $15 donation we made to help defray other costs) and total time less than 1 hour. After last night's big storm, we've got a good amount of water in it to use to water our new plants!

My next project is to start a compost pile--I'm just a little nervous about getting started. I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

In Search of "I'm Sorry"

I take a certain satisfaction in typing and mailing a strongly worded letter to a company who has done me wrong. I’ve written a half dozen or so—well, perhaps nearly a dozen—over the course of several years.

I do believe that corporate executives and managers desire to know when their product has let a customer down. Generally my letters have been to airlines relating to—no surprise here—horribly handled delays and baggage issues. Favorable results, in the form of ticket vouchers, have served to encourage my letter writing.

This past week has been one for the record books: two strongly worded letters typed and mailed in just a few days. The first was to a paint company. Seduced by “no VOC” claims I spent much more than I normally would on two gallons of paint. It did indeed live up to the no-fume claim. The problem? The two gallons—of the same color—dried in two completely different shades! As I wrote in my letter, “no matter what else a paint does or does not do, the bottom line is color. The customer must be able to trust the color.”

The second letter was to the corporate office of our local pharmacy. About half-way through the course a recent prescription, I realized the pills were almost gone. A closer inspection of the label told me they had included 80 pills when simple math multiplying the daily dosage and day supply would tell you that a total of 112 pills was called for.

When I went back to explain the error—and after much explanation they did give me the additional pills—the pharmacist handed the bottle over without so much as an apology.

I was shocked.

This was no small error. In fact, when it comes to prescription medicines I believe there is no such thing as a small error. With no acknowledgment of wrong on his part I realized I needed to say something. I let him know this wasn’t the first time I’d encountered a problem with a prescription at his pharmacy, and that I was certain that as the pharmacist he put a premium on accuracy. I asked if he would be addressing this matter with this staff or at least the person who filled this particular prescription.

He looked at me like a deer in headlights: he was unwilling or unable to take any responsibility for the error. Thus, I felt compelled to come home and draft that letter to his higher-ups.

Recently, there has been a great deal of press about Harvard Medical School and their new approach to medical errors. They are—get this—teaching their students to say sorry when they’ve made a medical mistake. Rather than increasing malpractice liability, studies have shown that taking responsibility and apologizing for error actually reduces lawsuits!

A simple apology; taking responsibility for an error—that’s what people are looking for when they feel they’ve been wronged. At their bottom line, that’s what my letters are about. As parents, isn’t responsibility a core value we’re trying to teach our children?

Why is it in seemingly such short supply?

Original post to DC Metro Moms.

When she’s not sending strongly worded letters to corporate executives, Aimee blogs about her life at Smiling Mama.


jodifur said...
There is an epidemic of bad customer service in this country. I think I blog about once a week. It's crazy!

feener said...
i have always said, sometimes if the person just acted like they wanted to help you and were sorry i would be less upset. doesn't seem so hard huh ?

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...
We once gave our daughter the wrong medication for six days because of a pharmacy error. The pharmacist seemed unconcerned and a letter to the district manager produced only a $20 coupon for our next prescription. Uh... no. We never went back again. It's unbelieveable.

MeLoveBreakfast said...
You are preaching to the choir, sister. If only people (and companies) would own up to their mistakes I think it would make for a better society. I'm guessing you are talking about CVS...they are the worst!

Leanne said...
On my last job appraisal, they actually mentioned that when I had made a mistake I owed up to it and aplogized. They said how impressed they were. Um? Weird. Basic courtesy I think.

Stimey said...
One pharmacy sent me home with someone else's prescription. I didn't notice until I was at home. But thank God I did. I haven't been back there.

Meg said...
Ditto what Leanne said. I'm all about the apology - it's my secret weapon. I feel it's almost always better to fall on the sword, even if something isn't entirely your fault. That's always so much better received than a defensive reply, trying to place responsibility on someone else.

Victoria Mason said...
I'm not even going to go in to the silent CVS in my 'hood. The pharmacy speaks not a word. It's almost scary.

J. Fergie said...
Hubby and I are totally big fans of writing letters to companies. If they don't know a problem exists, how can they fix it? My best "victory" was complaining about our neighborhood grovery store. It might have been a coincidence, but months after I sent in my detailed letter to the corporate hq, the store underwent a complete renovation. Maybe it wasn't entirely only my doing, but maybe my letter was #100 and that was the one that made the difference.

Go girl!

Original post by Smiling Mama. Thanks for reading!

A Strongly Worded Letter

In my family we like to joke about the "strongly worded letters" I send off to companies who make me mad. Sure, airing my complaints make me feel better but really most of the time I would have been satisfied if someone had simply said, "I'm sorry".

Think about it.

When you're wronged isn't that really all your looking for?

I hope you'll check out my blog post over at DC Metro Moms.

Both Abel and I make an effort to sincerely apologize to Lucas when we mess up because I think it is important for him to learn to take responsibility for mistakes. In every situation where I've owned up to a mistake and apologized--with friends, family, Abel and at work--the outcome has been a positive one. Yes, it's hard, but I think it is worth it. Of all the values we're trying to instill in Lucas, I think personal responsibility is a really important one.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Great summer recipes

One thing that has changed about me since becoming a mother is that I've really come to enjoy cooking.

Before I met Abel, I often ate chicken nuggets and cheese for dinner. I'm not kidding. When we were dating we ate out a lot or he cooked. Even after we got married, our meals were generally things that could be prepared in 15 minutes or less.

When I was home on maternity leave I started doing a lot of baking (which I've always loved) and cooking. I poured through recipe books and tried new things. Sure, we still have some some old stand-by quick meals like grilled cheese and tomato soup or cheese quesadillas, rice and beans. And, I love using Trader Joe's pizza dough to make pizza with a big salad. But, I try to cook a real meal at least a few times a week.

On the days I'm home with Lucas, my goal is to prepare dinner during his nap. That way I just have to throw it in the oven or on the grill when Abel's on his way home and we've got a tasty, healthy meal which we can all sit down and enjoy together. If I wait until 4 or 5pm to start dinner then I may as well forget it. I think all parents would agree that is a rough time in a house with kids.

Needless to say, I haven't been doing a lot of cooking lately. The week in the hospital, the week home recovering, a week of meals from friends...brings us to last week when I was able to start to get back into the swing of things. And, I'd love to share two new recipes that really came through for us.

I ripped both of these out of my Mom's June Real Simple. Abel and I loved both of them. And, they were very easy to make.

First, pasta with zucchini and goat cheese. This was a wonderful, light summer meal. The goat cheese sauce was so creamy yet very light. I love zucchini but Abel isn't a big fan. So, I took a bit of a risk serving this but it was a hit! I do believe it even made him into a zucchini-lover! Lucas had maybe two slices of zucchini but loved the pasta and sauce. And, there was enough to provide lunch for all three of us the next day.

Second, stuffed chicken breasts with tomato salad. This was delicious! In fact, I plan to serve it the next time we have friends over for dinner. The tomato salad would make a wonderful bruschetta. In fact, when you plate it, put the toasted baguettes down on the plate and scoop the tomatoes over top. The bread will soak up all the wonderful juices! I actually halved this recipe only because I just had two chicken breasts and two tomatoes. Had I made the entire thing there would have been plenty for leftovers.

Try them out and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I won!

The streak continues!

I was the lucky winner of an Internet Password Organizer over at Tech Savvy Mama.

It arrived in yesterday's mail and I've already started using it. Generally I think I'm a pretty organized person, but when it comes to passwords, I'm a wreck. I have several login/password combinations I use in various patterns over and over again. Thing is, it's all hit or miss in remembering which combo I used. And, seriously, if I'm forced by a website to change my password on a regular basis, I'm sunk.

So, thanks, Leticia! And, if your looking for some great tips about technology and your kids, go on over and check her out!

The Update

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes!

Just wanted to post a quick update from my doctor's appointment yesterday. It went really well! I met with a Rheumatology Fellow for about 20 minutes reviewing my history and answering a zillion questions. She went out to brief one of the big guys and they both came back in to talk with me some more. The good news is that they've basically ruled out Lupus (which was a pretty slim possibility anyway) and said they they it is pretty unlikely I have any of their "bad diseases".

But, they ordered about a million blood tests just to be sure.

So, it is looking more and more like I've just got ITP -- the first word of which is idiopathic meaning we don't know why. And, ITP is totally manageable and something I can live with for a very, very long time.

Even after all this good news they gave me even better news -- they agree I should be coming off the prednisone (steroids). But, they weren't willing/able to actually do it. I'm back to see the Hematologist on Thursday (tomorrow) and am planning to insist that I start coming off them. My understanding is that I can come down about 20mg. a week so here's hoping I'll be steroid-free by mid-July! (Just in time to be puff-free for that wedding!!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Half Birthday To You!

I'm a sucker for birthdays. Mine. Yours. Doesn't matter: I love to celebrate birthdays!

My own birthday, in early June, comes at both a good and bad time of the year. On one hand, it is half a year away from that other major-gift-receiving holiday, Christmas. On the other hand, during my school years, my birthday almost always fell during the last week of school. Not a good time for an in-school birthday party. I always felt like I got the short end of the sick on that one.

And so, I feel particularly guilty about my son's birthday which falls just a few days before Christmas. So far, we've had nice, family birthday parties for him and I don't think he's noticed or minded the proximity to Christmas.

But, then again, he's only had two birthdays!!

I fully anticipate problems to come in the years ahead. Complaints of us taking one of his Christmas presents and simply giving it early as a birthday present...having to hold a very early party to get anyone to attend...oh, the challenges of a birthday close to a major holiday!

I think I have a solution -- a half birthday celebration!

Why not? Who doesn't want another excuse to eat a slice of birthday cake? Another excuse to celebrate?

So this year I made--from scratch!--a half birthday cake (one layer of a round cake cut in half, stacked then iced) and we sang "Happy Half Birthday To You" to Lucas. He received two wonderful books as gifts (I don't know that we'll do half-birthday gifts every year, but I was at a terrific local bookstore and couldn't help picking up a few beautiful books for him). It was low-key but fun.

In future years, I think this summertime half-birthday might just be the perfect opportunity for a kids' party, conveniently allowing the poorly-timed actual birthday to be a family-only celebration.

And surely if we are celebrating Lucas's half-birthday then we'll need to celebrate mine, too, right? Oh, and my husband's!

Bring on the cake!

Original post to DC Metro Moms. When Aimee isn't busy coming up with excuses to eat cake, she can be found blogging at Smiling Mama.

Meg said...
I hear ya about the summer birthday - I'm a July baby, and if my elementary teachers bothered to acknowledge ours at all, they were crammed into a mass celebration the last week of school. We had to SHARE our birthdays. And then, when you ran into kids at the pool in the summer, they'd never remember.

Of course now that I have hit the big four decade mark, I find it rather convenient to let it sneak by others.

Come to think of it - my youngest son's half-birthday is this Saturday. Maybe I'll make a cake!

Nicole said...
Hi Separated-at-birth...
(I'm kidding) BUT my son was born a week before christmas (18th) and My birthday is June 6th.

We actually celebrated his half-birthday this year for the first time and it was relaxed and fun...

Don't know what day your son was born on but what we started doing last Dec when he turned 4 and started to really care ...was we did his bday party on the 18th (nothing but Birthday decorations in the house)
and then my husband stayed home from work the next morning and we all went out and bought a tree and decorated for Christmas! It worked out well. My husband commented to me that evening after our son had gone to sleep,
"Well, this is our plan for the next 18 years or so."

Happy 1/2 birthday to your son and happy belated birthday to you!

Robin said...
When I was in the classroom teaching, I'd celebrate the students with summer birthdays during the winter - at their 'half birthday'. Teaching special ed, it was very important to me that they also participate in the bringing in of the cupcakes. Often they had social skills deficits, and this was a great to work on them and make them feel extra special and not miss out on what the Sept-June bday kids experienced.

Original post by Smiling Mama. Thanks for reading!

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to Me! Today I am 31.

Here's how I'll be celebrating.

Morning -- I had a mani/pedi scheduled for this time-slot to finally use the gift certificate Abel got me to Elizabeth Arden for Christmas. BUT, after weeks of trying to get an appointment with the Rheumatology department, my Hematologist finally got me in. Wouldn't you know it? June 3 at 9am. So, I reluctantly cancelled my mani/pedi. As crappy as it seems like it would be to start your birthday with a medical specialist, I am actually looking forward to the appointment. Hopefully it will be my next step in figuring out what's going on and therefore the next step toward getting better!

Afternoon -- After my appointment I'll head out to Reston to meet my dear, dear friend Kristen for lunch at Il Fornaio. So, if you're stalking me just come on by and look for two cute girls laughing and chatting and enjoying a 2+ hour lunch! Kristen and I met when we worked together and during those years we ate lunch together 4-5 days a week, every week! Those were some of the best hours of my life and so I truly savor opportunities to see her for lunch these days. (Quick aside, I sincerely wish I was able to link her name to a blog above. She is a person who truly has design and style talents to share with the world and hopefully I'll be able to tell you about her new blog soon!! No pressure KAP :)

Evening -- I can't imagine anything better than having a nice dinner with my two favorite boys at home on our screened in porch. Followed, of course, by cake! First things first, I've already requested a round, two-layer yellow cake with (lots of!) chocolate icing to be made by Abel. A box mix is just fine with me! As for dinner, I'm not yet 100% decided. But, due to my steroid-induced-constant-cravings for protein I think I'll request steak on the grill with some grilled shrimp and a big salad with yummy, crusty bread. Delicious!

As for gifts, on Sunday (between coats of paint) Abel, Dad and I went to our local nursery to pick out some more plants for our front yard. A new hydrangea and a rose bush were my birthday gifts from Abel. Later that day (between coats of trim) Abel got them in the ground and they look terrific!

And from you, dear readers, I'll simply request a comment! So, de-lurk! De-lurk and wish me happy birthday! (I don't even mind if you remain anonymous!)

Sounds like a practically-perfect start to my 32nd year!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

My parents

Warning: sickeningly sweet tribute to my parents straight ahead.

I would like to officially proclaim from the rooftop with my loudest bloggy voice that I have the best parents in history.


Here's an example. Just one. Of many.

As you know I've been sick. I'm feeling a lot better but my energy level is still pretty low. And, our entire second floor is in a state of disarray because we emptied our bedroom to re-do it. And, I'm hosting a bridal shower on the 14th which I'm very excited about but, not only must our second floor be completed by then, there are other things to do around the house to get ready.

To say I was a tad bit anxious about all this is an understatement. I was freaking out.

And, somehow my Mom must have sensed this. She called last week to say they were coming down this past weekend so Dad could help Abel with the bedroom and she could watch Lucas and do other stuff around the house.

They arrived Friday evening and I don't think either of them sat still for more than 10 minutes until they left Sunday at 4pm.


Dad and Abel painted and painted and painted and finished installing the new recessed lights and new ceiling fan.

Mom cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and planted some pretty flowers in pots out front and some herbs out back. And cleaned and did laundry and cleaned. And played with Lucas and made dinner and cleaned.

(Do you get the impression that my house was a little dirty? Why yes, it WAS.)

They are amazing. Truly. And, this isn't unusual. Every time I've ever moved (and I've moved a lot!), when we had Lucas, when I got sick, they were there. To do anything and everything we needed. Without being asked.

Today, I truly feel stronger, lighter, happier. Our bedroom is almost done. I have no doubt the second floor will be better than ever by the 14th. Some deep cleaning has been done (can you say windows?!) and things will be in great shape for our shower guests.

Thank you Mom and Dad. For this. For everything. Abel, Lucas and I are so lucky to have you!

Love always,
Your smiling daughter