Friday, April 30, 2010

In two minutes

Nathaniel is this close to rolling over. Rolling over! As soon as he does that he'll be crawling then walking then running like a crazy big boy at the park. Well, maybe that will take a year or two but it feels like it will only take two minutes. Because, wasn't it just that long ago that Lucas rolled over? Yes. Yes it was.

And now Lucas is SO big. I can walk away from him in the tub. Heck, he can wash himself. He can get dressed (but still prefers to be dressed!). I can barely pick him up and sometimes his running hugs on my legs literally knock me back.

How did this happen? Where did those two minutes go?


If you live anywhere in the DC Metro area, you have to come to Truck Touch tomorrow from 10am-2pm. Head over to Out by Ten for all the details!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy, busy

Dear readers, I can hardly believe it has been two weeks since I last posted! Even as I apologize (so sorry!) I have to warn you that postings may be slim around here for the next many months. I'm jumping feet first into something big. Really, really BIG, and all my focus and attention needs to be on it and my family right now.

I promise I'll let you in on the secret soon, but in the mean time, I ask for your good thoughts!

Last week, I wrote a post over at DC Metro Moms, so if you're not a regular reader over there, you can find my post here. I am pleased to say that the votes are coming in strongly in the "still cool" column. Do you agree?

And, if you live anywhere in the DC metro area and have a toddler, preschooler or early elementary-aged kid, you must check out my latest post at Out by Ten about the 13th Annual Cheverly Truck Touch. It will be grand fun and I'd love to see you there!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Drove a Minivan to Adams Morgan

Every now and then something happens that confirms for me, once again, that I am old and uncool. And, not just old and uncool, but an old and uncool mom. I look in my closet and realize that "comfort over fashion" has replaced my once-upon-a-time mantra of "fashion over comfort" in the large majority of my footwear. A younger colleague comes to me for Tylenol or a Band-Aid because "moms always carry that kind of stuff." I accidentally change the car radio from NPR to my old favorite Hip Hop station only to discover that I don't recognize a single song.

One such incident took place last Saturday night: I drove to Adams Morgan in a minivan. Yes, I drove one of the most uncool vehicles possible to one of the coolest neighborhoods in DC. Adams Morgan, for anyone from out of town or maybe even less cool than me, is defined by Wikipedia as, "a culturally diverse neighborhood in Northwest Washington, D.C. centered at the intersection of 18th Street and Columbia Road...and is a major night life area with many bars and restaurants."

During college and after college--when my husband and I were dating and even after we were married--I went to Adams Morgan often. Unless I was there shopping during the day, I never stepped foot on 18th Street before 11pm. And I was almost always chilly in Adams Morgan. There's really no place for a winter coat in a packed bar or club, right? So I just didn't wear one.

Before Saturday, however, I can't even remember the last time I was in Adams Morgan. Years? But, a friend was having a birthday. And she wanted Indian food. Specifically, this great little restaurant in her old (aka pre-kids) neighborhood. Since there were three couples from our neighborhood going, it only made sense to car pool. And since six people can fit so comfortably in our minivan, it only made sense for us to drive.

And so we went. Six people. (Two nursing moms and one pregnant woman.) Wearing appropriate jackets. In a minivan. To Adams Morgan. And back home to relieve the babysitters by 11pm.

Now I am asking myself: Was that the very last nail in my coffin of cool? Or, does just the fact that we went to get Indian in Adams Morgan instead of some chain restaurant at a strip mall mean there's just a hint of coolness left?

Original post to DC Metro Moms. You can read more about Aimee Olivo's very uncool life at Smiling Mama and about family-friendly adventures in Prince George's County at Out by Ten.

Cristie said...
Definitely still cool. You totally could have taken the van to Chili's! Rock On mama.:)

April 21, 2010 at 05:35 AM Sue @ Laundry for Six said...
I'm taking ye old minivan to the 9:30 Club. Embarrassing but necessary. We are still a little cool.

April 21, 2010 at 05:39 AM MommyTwinGirls/LindaD said...
Oh, hahaha...great post! I think it's the latter. It's just a different kind of cool - no need to dress up to impress anyone but yourself and have some fun with husband and friends. But imagine one day, if you end up having to drive there (in your mini van, if course) to pick up your twenty-something kid for some reason.

April 21, 2010 at 06:11 AM BananaBlueberry said...
You are so cool!
I wouldn't have driven down to Adams Morgan :)

xoxoxox !

April 21, 2010 at 06:48 AM Stimey said...
I feel that way every time I drive a minivan into DC.

But still cool. I woulda stayed in Maryland. :)

April 21, 2010 at 09:58 AM Jerseygirl89 said...
I think you definitely still have some cool going. I can't even remember the last time I was in a cool neighborhood!

April 21, 2010 at 01:52 PM amy m said...
ha! I love it--it's definitely the latter, my friend. Uncool is staying close to home because that 20 minute drive to the better restaurants is just too exhausting.

Super cool! Hope you had fun!

April 24, 2010 at 11:11 AM cecilia reifschneider said...
great post! But there is a new space for cool moms (yes- i think not all hope is lost- still a bit of cool left):Pigment. Pigment is a new art studio opening in Adams Morgan and having an open house on Saturday, June 5th.

Pigment's mission is to provide a platform for communication, collaboration & motivation among young artists in the local community by offering accessible high-quality art instruction.

We would love to have you AND your kids drop by for the open house.

For more information about the studio or our summer camp please visit

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Three Months

Dear Nathaniel,

Today you are three months old! I can hardly believe that I've already filled one large tub with clothes you've out grown.

The insane amount of snow that fell when you were just a few weeks old has melted and our yard has exploded with color. Like the world around you, you have also awakened in the past few weeks into an aware little baby. All day long you watch me and your big brother; you want to be in the center of the action and hate being left alone in a room. Whenever Dada, Lucas or I look right at you and smile, you respond with the most amazing open-mouth grins. You're pretty quiet overall, hardly crying except to let me know you'd like a change of scenery or that you're STARVING (you go from content to starving in about 3 seconds, it seems!).

I'm a lot busier now than I was when I was home as a new mom with your big brother. I can barely remember how he and I spent our days but I know most of them were just the two of us staying at home or going for walks around the neighborhood. You and I, however, are very busy and get out and about every day. We go to the grocery store or run errands and you've already joined me at numerous meetings for all the civic and volunteer activities I'm part of. You're a wonderful companion at meetings, by the way, and will sleep quietly or lay on my lap looking up at me without fussing. And, of course, everyone comments on how beautiful and good you are!

Just before 2:45 every afternoon we walk over to pick Lucas up from his nursery school and the day seems to move into warp speed while we go to the park or do some other Lucas-centered activity.

I am also proud to report that in the past week you've gone from waking every 3 hours to sleeping for 8 hours each night. (Trust me, I'm knocking on the wooden dining room table as I type!!). THANK YOU, my son. Your brother was sleeping at least 6 hours by about 6 weeks and I truly was about to lose it after 11 weeks without getting more than 4 1/2 hours of consecutive sleep. I also am totally getting a kick out of the fact that you jumped from 3 hours to 8 in a single night. I do believe you're going to keep us on our toes, little Nathaniel!

I love you so much, little buddy, and am trying to savor you at each and every stage of your life. Thanks for coming into our lives and for being such a wonderful you.

Love always,

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Team WhyMommy's Virtual Science Fair

This post is in support of Susan Nieber, aka WhyMommy of Toddler Planet, a real live rocket scientist (okay, okay, technically an astrophysicist) who is undergoing surgery today after the doctors discovered a local regional recurrence of breast cancer in the lymph nodes under her armpit. Susan has been fighting inflammatory breast cancer and educating others about it since her diagnosis in 2007.

Also in her honor, and in honor of my mom who also battled breast cancer in 2007 I recently joined the Army of Women. I hope you'll click over and join today. We need more research. For Susan. For my mom. For all of us.

I am definitely not a scientist so taking on the challenge of being part of this Virtual Science Fair in honor of WhyMommy (as conceived by the amazing Stimey of Stimeyland!) was a bit out of my comfort zone. You see, if we were at home right now, Lucas, Nathaniel and I would have simply packed a picnic lunch, hopped in the car and spent a lovely afternoon at the NASA Goddard Visitor's Center.

But, alas, we are still in Pennsylvania for an extended Easter visit with my parents so I had to think a little bit harder about what to do. Lucas has been quite interested in volcanoes lately, and you know I just love anything to do with baking soda and vinegar, so I did a google search for "easy volcano with baking soda and vinegar." Among the things that came up were directions to make a rocket! A baking soda and vinegar rocket in honor of an astrophysicist? Perfect!

Of course the rocket was a big FAIL.

Why aren't you exploding high in the air little Ziploc container rocket?

(The directions were to pack a small container with a tight-fitting lid with baking soda, add a few tablespoons of vinegar, quickly close, turn upside down, stand back and watch it shoot up in the air. We packed and repacked and added more vinegar and still, there it sat. What? Went? Wrong?)

Lucky for me, I had prepped Lucas about how experiments are a way to try something and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't but it is fun to try and see what happens.

(Whew! Score one for Mama!)

Also to be filed in the lucky-for-me category, baking soda and vinegar produce a ton of foam which is really, really cool to a 4 year old.

So cool, in fact, that we used the entire bottle of white vinegar to watch the baking soda foam over and over and over and over and over again!

Also cool to a 4 year old: a paste of baking soda!

So, thanks WhyMommy for inspiring this mama to step outside her comfort zone and conduct a fun experiment with her son. We're thinking about you today!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wonderfully busy Easter

We had three Easter egg hunts. (With a boy who really doesn't care much for candy!)

We dressed in our Easter Sunday best. (The tie didn't last through Mass!)

We made and cracked Cascarones. (Don't you just love an untucked dress shirt on a little boy?!)

We went to the "beach" in the mountains.
And hunted for minnows and tadpoles with Uncle Eric.

Add to that about a million trips to the park and a zillion bike rides around the cul-de-sac and lots of time with Aunt Sarah and it has been a pretty great Easter in Pennsylvania!

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Friday, April 2, 2010


We're making our cascarones today! This is my absolute favorite Mexican tradition from Abel's family. They are fun to make and even more fun to crack over the heads of your loves ones on Easter Sunday! Here's a tutorial from a few years ago, although if you haven't already saved empty egg shells you'll need to quickly make a few quiches to get enough!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Census Day!

Have you mailed yours in?

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