Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Twins

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Which is Nathaniel and which is Lucas? Everyone says that Nathaniel looks like me and Lucas looked (and still looks!) like his dad, but I think these two boys look so much alike!

In a last-minute decision, we sent both boys to my parents' house this weekend--both boys gone for three nights and two days! It was great, we got a lot of campaign work done, I made some dents in our mountain of laundry and ironing and we even went out on a classic DC date night (dinner followed by a moon-lit tour of a monument!).

I was nervous about being away from Nathaniel for so long because I'm still breastfeeding. And, it did pose some challenges. Pumping was fine for about 24 hours then my body fully rebelled about the fact that there was no baby involved. Luckily in just the first few hours of Nathaniel being back things seem to have, um, regulated.

Answer key: Exhibit A is Nathaniel, B is Lucas. Did you guess correctly?

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  1. No I did not guess correctly! I still think Nathaniel looks like you.

  2. I got it right but probably only because Nathaniel had just left my sight. :) they look similar but just different enough to resemble different parents... it's something about nathaniel's smile though... it's all you


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