Friday, November 12, 2010

A good laugh

Today was an amazing day with Lucas. He was awesome. Helpful. Kind. Fun. And it's something we all really needed.

We've had some rough days lately.

Tonight I put him to bed, and, while reading Olivia, we got to a page where she was just being annoying. We were talking about it and suddenly he punched the book. I immediately reacted, "Lucas. Don't hit!"

He immediately replied, "Mom. She's a pig. A pig who talks." (With a tone that said, seriously, mom, you're overreacting. She's just a pig. It's just a book.)

He was right. I started giggling and he was quick to join in.

For the remaining several pages, he interrupted every other sentence with, "Mom, she's a pig who talks!" Or, "Mom. Know what? She's a pig who talks!" Followed by us both giggling our heads off.

He loved making me laugh. He loved us both laughing together.

And so did I.

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  1. these are the kinds of things that make my heart burst with love for that boy. :)

  2. Special moments between a Mamma and her son...I can tell you it continues long after they are grown and out on their own. Enjoy ever moment!


  3. Watching your kids develop senses of humor and delight in making you laugh is one of the best things about parenting. LOVE it. I also love when they come up with something that is ACTUALLY funny, which "A pig who talks" is. :)


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