Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Surviving in Style: Free Lymphedema Sleeves Thanks to Susan Niebur

I've found that when someone is a giver it is very hard for them to accept--let alone ASK--for anything from someone else. My friend, Susan (that's her on the right), is a giver. And, I'm sure that even as she has battled cancer, and the effects of cancer, time and time again, it has been very difficult for her to accept the kindness of others.

The thing is, that when you allow someone to give to you, you really are giving to them. You are giving them the joy, the satisfaction, the happy heart that comes from giving to others.

And so, even as her body was being ravaged by the effects of chemo, Susan was thinking of others. Even as she was feeling the pain of her lymphedema (very painful arm swelling that happens to many breast cancer survivors--or warriors, I like that term better, don't you?--because they had lymph nodes removed and therefore don't have lymph nodes filtering our the yucky stuff) she was thinking of others who were battling lymphedema.

You see, Susan, like my mom, purchased her oh-so-stylish lymphedema sleeves from LympheDIVAS. Luckily, they were both able to afford them, despite the little or no coverage their insurance provided. These sleeves help keep the lymphedema under control and their cool designs tend to elicit compliments instead of rude stares. For many breast cancer warriors, a sleeve and/or gauntlet is a medical necessity, but too often insurance doesn't cover their steep cost (around $100 for just one sleeve!)

And so, Susan (being the giver that she is!), with the help of another giver (and friend!), Sue (that's her on the left), has arranged an amazing partnership. LympheDIVAS is now working with Crickett's Answer to Cancer to provide lymphedema sleeves and gauntlets FREE to those who need, but can't afford, them.

Most people assume that once the hair grows back (there's my sister, mom and me--wasn't she a beautiful bald warrior?--during her chemo) and a few scans come back clear, breast cancer is over. But, for many, the long-term effects are real and painful. Thanks to Susan and this partnership, many more warriors will survive in style and with with less pain.

And one of the best parts is that every time someone posts or Facebooks or tweets or just picks up the phone and calls a friend to tell them about this amazing act of giving, Susan is feeling the joy, the glow, the happy heart that comes with giving to others. And for that, I am especially grateful.

Here are the specifics:

Read about this project directly from Susan, leave her some comment love and then share her post with everyone you know (the share options are at the bottom of her post). Read more about it from Sue. Check out the awesome designs at LympheDivas and read about the co-founder and inspiration behind the company's continued mission, Robin Troxell.

Then, click over to Crickett's Answer for Cancer and be inspired by Crickett then download the enrollment materials here and write in "lymphedema sleeve and gauntlet" on page 2. Or, forward, e-mail, snail mail or fax the forms to someone you know who needs one. Better yet, just tell everyone you know about this, because who knows who might know a warrior who continues to suffer because they can't afford a lymphedma sleeve.

And then enjoy the joy, satisfaction, and happy heart of giving!

Original post by Smiling Mama. Thanks for reading!


  1. Love this! How cool that your mom has also been wearing LymphaDIVA sleeves!

  2. Wonderful resource. I have Crickett's Answer for Cancer, the lymphedema sleeves they so generously offer, and other supports they provide listed on my website. Talked to both Susan (via cyberspace) and Crickett's mom over the phone. Both beautiful Warriors. Will also spread the word on

  3. I don't need a free sleeve, but thanks for helping out others with LE!

  4. I am a lymphoma patient and a cancer WARRIOR for 4 years. I am in need of a gauntlet sleeve but don't know where to go for it. Could you please help me to know where I could get know. I am 34 years old and on disability. I live in North Carolina. Please contact me at Thank you. Pinky

    1. Hi Pinky,
      Visit Crickett's Answer for Cancer's website and fill out this request form:

      :) Aimee

  5. I enjoy use the lymphedema sleeve and because its really great and i wish to use this and i really like this because this is definitely address underneath the clothing and we are able to simply use any where. to this.


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