Friday, May 11, 2012


Spotted on Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC, this week:

1. A man wearing boots with actual spurs. They jingled like chimes with each step.

2. A man who intentionally rammed his body into not one but two moving cars as he crossed two different intersections. I believe he was making a point to the cars that they were moving against the pedestrian right-of-way. It sounded like it hurt. I wonder if he does this every time he crosses the street.

3. A women who got off the metro, walked five city blocks, took the elevator to her office, walked down the hall, sat down at her desk and then realized that her shirt was inside out.*

4. This lovely street art.

*Why, yes, that was me. However did you guess?

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  1. Too funny, Aimee!! When I worked in DC for one year (many years ago), I always wanted to do something to make a point to the drivers who came so close to hitting us pedestrians crossing legally. I never had the balls, though!

  2. I've gotten to my office in an inside-out shirt...more than once :)
    Happy Mother's Day, Aimee!


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