Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good Stuff

It's rainy, chilly and dreary in the DC-area today; a perfect day to snuggle in bed. I was lucky enough to do so for a few extra minutes this morning because we had a meeting at Lucas's school (so I didn't have to get out the door to work) and Nathaniel was a little snuggle bug, not wanting to get out of bed, either. Those moments are incredibly rare, so I was happy to savor it.

I have a post up on The DC Moms about my recent experience with the Avon You Make it Beautiful Tour.

It's October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While my mom is in remission she's suffering from lymphedema as an aftereffect of having lymph nodes removed. I so admire the fact that as much as it really sucks, she doesn't complain about it. Such an inspiration and example.

I hope you'll also read a few incredible posts as you see all the pink pop up this month...

Marty writes about how to be a good friend to someone who has breast cancer. She doesn't know me, but she was Susan's best friend so I keep her in my prayers often, especially the many times I think of Susan.

Susan's words are so, so important to remember. This is bigger than going pink.

And Marty linked to a blogger I've never read before, but her words are heart-breaking, raw and true. Please take a moment to read what CancerInMyThrities has to say about National No Bra Day and other "awareness" campaigns.

xoxo, friends.

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