Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Camp the Next Generation

I've never been to Disney World. Our family never made the requisite family vacation trip to the Grand Canyon. We most certainly never went to Europe. Instead my "What I Did Over Summer Vacation" back-to-school essays always talked about Camp. That was our family vacation. A solid week at Camp with grandparents, aunts, uncles and about a dozen cousins. Camp fires. S'mores. Kick-ball. Nature walks. Sing-a-longs. Swimming. Life was good at Camp. Of my 18 first cousins, about 9 of us are in a 6 year age range. They are more than cousins to me, they are close friends. As cheesy as that sounds it is the truth. And, every single one of us feels so lucky that it is true. Now that a few of us have kids of our own, we got together for a long weekend at the house of a semi-centrally located cousin (who just happens to have a pool in her backyard). Not only did we have a great time. We knew our grandparents were smiling down on us. Family is the best!

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