Monday, August 20, 2007


As a new mom you get lots of advice. LOTS. I can count on my mom for great advice. I've ignored a lot of advice. And, by the grace of God, Lucas started sleeping through the night at about 4 months so we were able to bypass that whole topic of advice from the entire world. (Trying to ensure good karma in the next go-round, I generally refrain from giving sleep advice to those who aren't so lucky. I find Starbucks giftcards and sympathetic looks to be much more appreciated!)

Anyway, I just read the best advice ever. It is from Swistle: People don't notice how cluttered your house is if it smells like cookies baking. And they don't say anything about how cluttered your house is if their mouths are stuffed full of cookie.

Now this is some advice I'll totally take to heart!

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