Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Good Old Days?

When we left my parents' on Sunday, we left Lucas behind to get some extra time with his Aunt, and planned to pick him up Wednesday evening, leaving Thursday morning for a visit with my in-laws. Four nights. Three days. The longest we'd ever been away from him.

I knew we'd miss him, but it was also pretty enticing to have almost an entire week to ourselves. Ah, I told myself, back to the good old carefree days pre-baby. Being awakened to NPR and hitting the snooze button a few times. Having no one to get dressed in the morning other than myself. Going out to dinner and staying out past 7pm. Taking a long shower. What luxury!

It has been nice. Our first "free" night we went downtown to one of our favorite (and not baby-friendly) restaurants and had wine! and appetizers! we lingered over our entrees! and lingered over the check! Then we walked around, meandering until the insane heat--high 80s at 8:30pm--made us head home.

We've talked to him on the phone every day. My mom or sister fill us in on all the cute stories.

And, yet.

Most of our conversations eventually come around to what do you think Lucas is doing? I miss Lucas. I can't wait to see Lucas.

I miss my wonderful and cheery alarm clock every morning (bonus is that he calls out for Dada everyday!). I miss playing. I miss hugs. I miss bath time. Heck, I miss being frazzled. I MISS MY BABY!

Were those the good old days? They certainly were carefree (though I wouldn't have told you that at the time!). No, I think the good days are the ones happening now. The days filled with crazy toddler love.

See you tonight Buddy-boo! I know you'll be sleeping when we get in, but we're waking you up!

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