Friday, September 28, 2007

I am the funniest person alive

Lucas has the most incredible amazing laugh in the whole world. Ever since he was a teeny tiny little guy, Abel has been able to get him laughing hysterically by giving him zerberts on his belly or armpit or knees or basically any body part. Lucas loves to laugh. He'll take any opportunity to laugh and once you get him laughing he loves to egg you on to do it again so he can laugh some more.

As for me? I don't need to *restort* to tickles, I can make Lucas laugh with a silly face, with a crazy look, or by doing silly things like putting bowls on my head and calling them hats. He loves my silliness and laughs so hard that I actually start to feel like I am a funny person. Which, just for the record, I am definitely not. I can't tell a joke. I am totally out of my element around Abel's family which is a funny, joking family. So I sure do feel like a million bucks when Lucas goes crazy laughing at me. For those precious few moments, I'm definitely the funniest person alive.

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