Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Letter to Myself

Letter to myself as a high school senior courtesy of the

Dear Aimee,
High School is almost over then you'll be outta' there for good. And, I mean that. This will be your last summer at home, the last time you'll "live" there for more than a few months. Don't worry, your relationship with Mom and Dad is awesome and will continue to grow. So will you.

As you already suspect, attending Girls State and then Girls Nation last summer truly changed you as a person and altered the course of your life. Remember who you became during those two weeks and continue to be that person. Have confidence in yourself!

It is okay to decide to go to a women's college. Even though that is a drastically different choice than all of your classmates, it is the right choice for you. It will be one of the best decisions you make in your entire life. You'll continue to learn and grow. You'll make the best friends of your life. You'll have amazing internship experiences. And, eventually, you'll be able to tell people you went to the same college as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi!

You will not have many boyfriends. There will be one that you fall in love with. He will come along at the right time, but you will keep him in your life for too long. It will be fine when you are over.

It will be fine because later you will meet the love of your life. He will move into your group house and turn your world upside down. You will have more fun in the first six months with this man than you had in years previously. He will love you like no other. He will mess up a few times, but stick with him. He's good stuff. And, he'll give you the most beautiful amazing son in the whole world. He'll also be the best Dada ever and you'll fall even more in love with him when he holds your son.

I can't tell you what happens next but I can tell you to look forward to the next 12 years. They'll be great!

30 year old Aimee

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