Monday, September 24, 2012

Pro Parent Tip: Toothbrushes

Here's another in my irregular series of parenting tips (see past tip here)....

Getting up and down stairs with children can take F O R E V E R. In our world, the kids eat breakfast then brush their teeth and often brushing teeth is the last task before getting out the door in the morning. We don't have a bathroom on our first floor, so every day, brushing teeth required an extra trek up and down the stairs. UGH!

Until...I started keeping an extra toothbrush for each boy and an extra tube of toothpaste in the kitchen! Now they can brush their teeth at the kitchen sink (which, surprisingly, seems to still give them a thrill after about the 100th time!). They enjoy it and we shave precious minutes off of a hectic morning.

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  1. Brilliant! Now, if I can only get Mason to open his mouth so that I can brush his teeth, I'll be all set! (We just started trying to brush his teeth last week. He has 12 teeth now, so it's about time!)

  2. Hell yeah ! Anything to save a few minutes in the morning is key !


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