Friday, October 12, 2012

Rest in Peace, Sleep Sound, Rest in Peace

It it with great sadness that I bid farewell to my faithful sleeping companion of fifteen years. I've professed my love for this small machine before and am not at all exaggerating about the great sadness I felt on Tuesday night when I realized it was really dead. Truly, I feared I would be awake all night. But, alas, somehow I have managed to sleep for the past few nights, although I have been unable to actually discard my broken companion.

This guy helped me sleep through college dorm room antics, Vegas hotel room antics (sharing a room with far-too-many people!), the light stirrings of babies and toddlers, the snores of husbands, (er, husband!), and so much more.

He's traveled from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from north to south, in carry-ons and packed luggage. He's been dropped, knocked, perhaps even thrown (never by me, by a young not-to-be-named child), and finally--without warning--has ceased his soothing sounds.

Goodbye, Sleep Sound, goodbye.

{Your replacement will be ordered momentarily!}

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  1. Aww so sad, but 15 years is pretty awesome! Mine travels with me everywhere too. Ryan makes fun of me because I still turn Carter's on. There's a very good chance, he doesn't hear it, but maybe he does and at the very least, it will muffle his early morning chatter enough to keep Maevy asleep in the other room. Right? That's at least what I tell myself.

  2. We have 2. The girls use 1 and the other is for backup. We hear the girls through the monitor !

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