Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More DIY Art

In my on-going effort to follow my New Year Resolution to "Do creative things" I created another little DIY art project. I'm thrilled with the results!

It all started with my leftover and VERY out-of-date blogger business cards. I'm guessing I ordered this set in 2006. They're Moo mini cards and I love them. I wasn't using them anymore because my contact info and blog info are both out of date but I couldn't bear to throw them away because they are so gorgeous -- look at those lovely back designs!

What to do???

On my last trip to Ikea, I bought a simple black frame thinking that I could do something with it and the Moo cards. Last Sunday I had a few moments to myself so I pulled out the frame, cards and glue and got to work.

I experimented with placing the cards over the white mat, thinking they would make an interesting border for a photo.

Then I decided to make the cards the feature.

I cut a piece of card stock to be the same size as the mat and using very light pencil, outlined the opening. Then I got to work gluing overlapping the cards to fill up the space:

And here's the final product!

 It's hanging in our bedroom next to our wedding photo. (Look at that good-looking and YOUNG couple!!)

I love it!

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  1. Beautiful! You are inspiring me. Once I've sorted through all the junk in the house and have some time for a few creative projects, I am calling you!


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