Monday, November 5, 2012


On Friday, October 12, I decided to start a fitness routine and join several of my friends and neighbors at Planet Fitness 3x a week. They carpool over, leaving town at 5:15am. Upon arrival, one of the women leads strength training for 30 minutes and then everyone branches off to do their own cardio for another 30 minutes, getting everyone home by about 6:45.

Just in case you aren't aware, I am NOT a morning person! (NOT being an understatement!) But, I was committed because everything else was so perfect:
  • I really, really needed to start an exercise program. 
  • The gym is only $10 a month.
  • I am totally unmotivated and uncommitted on my own (read: willing to hit snooze a dozen more times) so going with others provides the accountability I need.
  • I have no idea what to do when I get to a gym, so having a leader design routines is perfect.
I started off on Monday, October 15, and felt GREAT.

Until later that afternoon, when I felt not-so-great. By 1pm I was running a fever! I headed home and to bed. And here's the crazy part: that fever ended up lasting -- on and off -- until Sunday, October 28! Worried after just four days, I went to the doctor on October 18. After blood and urine tests, the Dr. concluded that it was just a virus that needed to run its course. I started feeling better on Oct. 20 & 21 (partly, I believe, through force of will as we had a wedding to attend!). And then got worse and worse, with Sunday, Oct. 28th being the worst day.

Worried that I wouldn't be able to get back to the Dr. for days after Hurricane Sandy hit, I went to an urgent care on the 28th. That Dr. confirmed the same thing: all test results look great, nothing else is wrong, just a very strange and long-lasting virus.

Finally Hurricane Sandy blew my virus away (I'm giving her credit anyway b/c of the two "free" days off work!) and I was back to normal by Oct. 30.

So now I'm back on the exercise bandwagon, and even though I'm tired and sore, I much prefer feeling my muscles burn rather than my forehead!

Oh, and can I please get the second half of October back??

{Props MUST be given to my fantastic husband who literally held the fort down for those two weeks, handling 95% of everything so I could rest. He's the best!!!}

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  1. That's crazy. Glad you are feeling better. Ryan had a cough (due to a virus) for the entire month of October. So annoying only because he coughs crazy loud!

  2. We are living parallel lives. Gym with friends for $10/month, illness, husband holding down fort. Check on all !

  3. So strange. Glad your fever is finally gone. Stay healthy!


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