Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gift Idea: Family Membership

I believe I've mentioned once or 500 times that both of my boys' birthdays are close to Christmas. That means that the explosion of gifts is even crazier and it also means that we run out of gift ideas. Last year was one of those instances. If I recall correctly, my parents got the boys each one or two gifts but then were stumped. When my mom asked me for more ideas, I was stumped, too!

And then I remembered a friend mentioning that they asked for and received a family membership to a different museum/attraction each year.


So my parents got us a family membership to Port Discovery in Baltimore. And we've enjoyed the heck out of it! Not only have we been to Port Discovery many more times than we normally would have gone, we've also taken advantage of the reciprocal membership at children's museums when visiting my in-laws in Ohio. The children's museums in Columbus and Toledo are reciprocal members--score!

Of course we adore--and do take advantage of--the blessing of living close to the free Smithsonian museums, but there are also great museums and attractions that do charge. A family membership is a gift that literally keeps on giving throughout the year. And -- bonus! -- it doesn't add clutter and can't be lost or broken!

What are some creative gift ideas you've given or received? (Seriously, please share, we're always looking for new ideas!!!)

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  1. What a great idea !

    How about a membership or passes to that jump/bounce place off of Route 50 ?

  2. That's a fabulous idea, Aimee. This year, I think we're having Santa bestow a trip down to Williamsburg for a one-night stay at Great Wolf Lodge. I really, really don't want to try to find places for a bunch of additional playmobil/Lego/craft sets, so the idea is to get the kids some books (a given!) and a few small stocking items, then something to signify the trip that we'll take at the end of the week. I know my 12 year old will be cool with it, though I have to figure out how to convince the 5 and 6 year olds that Santa does this sort of thing sometimes instead of a bunch of wrapped presents... :)


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