Thursday, January 10, 2013

New 'do!

I've had long hair my entire life. The two times I've had short hair are in 5th grade when I had a HORRENDOUS hair cut (ahem, mom!). Seriously, it may have scared me for life. And, at the start of this little 'ole blog when I donated many inches to Locks of Love.

But right after New Year's, I got it in my head that I wanted to go really short. I even considered a pixie cut. (Possibly inspired by this lovely lady?)

So last night, with celeb photo sample in hand, I went to my beloved stylist of a dozen years and she made it happen!



Despite the look in the photos, I didn't change the color at all; it's still my natural brown with a bit of auburn. When I was in the chair, I loved it. When I got home, I wasn't sure at all about it. But, today I think I'm falling in love with it (certainly the many awesome FB comments are helping that along!).

So maybe I'm now a short-haired lady?! Crazy!

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  1. You're such a beauty, either way - of course it looks great!

  2. As always, I think you look fabulous. And kudos to you for having the courage to cut your hair--that takes guts!

  3. You look great, Aimee! Doesn't it feel so funny when you shampoo? Thanks for the kind shout-out there. We short-haired chicks gotta stick together. :-)

  4. Welcome to the short hair club! I love your new look! Totally gorgeous!

  5. I thought I saw short hair on your avatar! I LOVE it! Looks fabulous!


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