Thursday, November 5, 2009


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Dear Internets,

So Beth and Swistle and a few others have posted their handwriting on-line and I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. Last night, Abel was looking at my grocery list and mercilessly making fun of me. It's not that bad, is it? Well, maybe it is. I think it used to be know back in the day before I typed everything. I do love a hand-written note and write them often. Hey, people appreciate mail even if they can't read the message, right??

xoxo Aimee


My mom often quotes my grandmother who used to say, "It's a piss poor mother who can't come up with an excuse for her child." I adore that quote. So true, right? He's cranky at the park and you rationalize (at least out loud to the other mothers) that he didn't nap that day or he woke up too early or he went to bed too late or he's teething. There's always an excuse!

Such is the case with my handwriting. I have excuses. First, I am left-handed. (Abel is, too, but Lucas appears to be right-handed. Strange, no?) I was never taught/never learned how to properly hold a writing instrument.

Also? I didn't go to Catholic school.

I am insanely jealous of women (pretty much all women) who have that perfect Catholic school cursive handwriting. And, I'm especially jealous of my good friend in real life (who I'm pretty sure doesn't read this blog but if she does she should take this opportunity to comment), Stephanie, who also didn't go to Catholic school, has the most beautiful handwriting ever. So beautiful, in fact, that I conned her into hand-addressing our wedding invitations! Maybe I should get her to write something for you. Not only would I not have to translate it, I wouldn't even have to give excuses.

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  1. I was able to read your handwriting with no problem! As a former first grade teacher, I can pretty much read anything! :)

    My mom has gorgeous cursive with perfectly formed letters but she used to teach cursive as a former 3rd and 4th grade teacher! I can write in my perfect my first grade teacher printing whenever I want but usually choose to write more comfortably. It probably isn't surprising that I type way faster than I can handwrite something these days!

    I think our handwriting says a lot about our personalities and I've seen mine change quite a bit over the years! Frightening to think about what mine will look like 5 years from now!

  2. I think you have pretty decent handwriting. It doesn't look like a serial killer's (does that make you feel better?).

  3. Hey, at least you spelled all you words correctly.

  4. I find it funny that you wrote about this today, but just yesterday, I looked at a note of instructions that I hastily scrawled to one of my student workers, and I could barely read it! Luckily, she's gotten very good at reading my writing in the years that she's worked in the office.

  5. umm.. either I'm the only one who actually couldn't read it or I'm the only one who's being brutally honest. There were parts that I seriously could not read. haha. but, that's no surprise, I've been giving you a hard time about your handwriting for as long as I can remember.

    Also, I am sorry to inform that I work at a Catholic school and we have, unfortunately, fallen out of teaching students that perfect cursive you speak of. Actually, I went to Catholic school and I don't know how to form a lot of letters in cursive.. like Z for example. So basically, you're going to have to stop blaming your lack of Catholic education for your poor handwriting. :)


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