Monday, November 2, 2009

Operation Commence Disney Education

Thanks to Tech Savvy Mama and Feld Entertainment, we had the opportunity to see Disney on Ice at the First Mariner Arena in Baltimore on Thursday night. Since we had four free tickets we kidnapped one of Lucas's best princess-crazy friends to join us.

The evening started out a bit rocky as Abel, Lucas and I didn't get very good nights' sleep the night before. Abel was having some mouth/jaw pain from a dental procedure and traffic was, well, rush-hour traffic. Not to mention that both kids decided they needed to go to the bathroom at the one swath of road without any gas stations near the exit.

But, we persevered and got to our amazing seats with about 5 minutes to spare before the show began. The evening did a 180 degree turn the moment Mickey Mouse entered the ice. The kids were beside themselves with excitement. And, I'll be honest, as someone who always dreamed of going to an ice show when I was young, the excitement was contagious. Even Abel later commented that he actually really enjoyed the show. Now, that's success, folks!

What really struck me, however, was how little Lucas knows about Disney characters. His little companion was yelling for every prince, princess and character who entered the ice. But Lucas had absolutely no idea who they were beyond the classics: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Pluto. He did recognize Pinocchio, Captain Cook and Ariel but not a single other prince or princess was familiar to him at all.

How could I have let this happen? Well, he is only four and we don't watch that many movies. But, trust me, if Wall-E or any Cars character had skated out, Lucas would have been intimately familiar with them. There just seems to be something Un-American about him not knowing Snow White or Cinderella, doesn't there?

Hence: Operation Commence Disney Education. It's starting now. (Um, does anyone have a copy of Cinderella we could borrow?!)

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  1. we sure do have all the disney movies.. but will have to find that vcr and hook it up!

  2. My first Disney Movie was "The Jungle Book". I highly recommend getting this on the syllabus!


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