Monday, March 8, 2010

Lists are simply more lovely when written on Polished Pearl or Ivory Lace

I am in constant need for a scrap of paper to write a to do list or a grocery list or a note. And yesterday, while cleaning out a junk drawer (one of many, many junky areas that I'm slowly but surely working my way through!), I found dozens of paint chips Abel had brought home for me to choose from for the boys' bedrooms and the hallway. They are pretty much all light neutral colors and I just hated to throw them out. I grabbed a pen to see if I could write on them and TA DA! I have a new (and quite lovely) stack of paper to use for my various lists.

Now, if only all the tasks on my real TO DO list were as fun as those on the list to the left!

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  1. What a great idea! We have had our share of those samples after trying to pacify the children while Mommy and Daddy tried to make decisions at the Home Depot. :)

    And, that is the BEST to do list ever!!


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