Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Constant Companion

Nathaniel is almost 4 months old and this past Saturday I was away from him for about 7.5 hours, the longest we'd ever been apart. (Of course I had to pump during that long stretch!) When I got back home, I missed my little buddy so much!

Of course, when Lucas was an infant, I spent a lot of time with him as well. But during those first few months, I was just so overwhelmed with being a new mom that I took every opportunity to make a quick run to CVS or Safeway without him when Abel was home. Obviously I adored Lucas but I do remember savoring those strolls down the aisle of the grocery store as some much needed "me time." And of course by the time Lucas was 4 months, I was also back to work 2.5 days a week and so spent some long stretches away from him.

This time around, I'm home full-time and I'm much more comfortable and casual with the infant stage: It certainly is easier to tote a 4 month old to the grocery store than a 4 year old! Nathaniel and I hang out while Lucas is at school, then we usually all go to the park. Evenings and weekends Abel and I often practice what I affectionately call "divide and conquer parenting"--he has charge of one kid and I have the other. Usually it's Lucas is with Abel while Nathaniel is with me.

And so Nathaniel and I are together pretty much all the time. He's my constant companion at home, on walks, running to the grocery store or post office. His good nature and good looks draw comments and compliments from almost everyone we pass. And I have become a pro at taking my baby everywhere I go.

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  1. already well on his way to being a mama's boy, I see. :)


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