Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Local and Organic Homemade Baby Food

Nathaniel is five months old and we've been giving him rice cereal for a few weeks. I think he is actually starting to enjoy it--he seems to know what is happening when the bib comes on and eagerly opens his mouth for the next bite. (He also likes to try to grab the spoon which makes for some messy eating! But what can you expect from a baby?)

He's ready for something more than rice cereal and I'm ready to start him on veggies. Our pediatrician actually mentioned starting with fruit, but I distinctly recall starting Lucas on veggies and I feel like it is good to get a palate for veggies developed before introducing wonderful, sweet-tasting fruits he's sure to love.

As I was thinking about what to start him with, I realized that he's starting foods just as our local farms are about to explode with a bounty of organically grown produce. Perfect! My goal for this summer through the fall is to see if we can feed Nathaniel only locally grown, in-season, organic produce.

So at Saturday's market I was ready to hunt for the best-looking veggies out there. There wasn't too much to choose from, though. If I wanted to start with fruit, I could have chosen from wonderfully red strawberries and raspberries or plump little blueberries. There was tons of lettuce, but that's not such a great baby food. Luckily, there were some adorable little summer squash--3 for $2--that I picked up from Radix Farm.

On Sunday, I peeled the squash, cut them into chunks and steamed them for several minutes until they were nice and tender. Then a quick whirl with my immersion blender and they were perfect. I filled up 12 holes in an ice cube tray to freeze them for use throughout the next two weeks. The whole process only took about 15 minutes--if you haven't ever made your own baby food, you should try it. It really is easy, I promise!!

My only regret is not buying six squash instead of three--I have enough for one cube of squash per day so I can do cereal in the morning and squash in the evening, but if he really likes the squash, I may run out too early. Luckily, there are a few more farmer's markets in the area to find more squash, but it certainly is most convenient to prepare it all at once.

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