Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Solo Living

Sorry I have been gone for so long! I find that whenever I let a few days pass without blogging then let a few more days pass, I start to feel intense pressure to make the next post a really good one. Which, of course, means that a few more days get the picture!

So, what's been going on? Well, a few weeks ago, Abel and Lucas went on a 9 day epic father and son adventure to Ohio, leaving Nathaniel and me home alone! It was quite strange and also quite lovely to be home alone (well, essentially alone!) for more than a week. Since neither Abel or I have ever traveled for work for more than a few days at a time, this was an entirely new experience for me and the longest I have been home alone in more than seven years. Here are a few things I learned:

- If Abel had left me alone for 9 days with a 5 month old Lucas, I would have been having panic attacks about caring for a baby solo for so long. When he proposed taking Lucas and leaving me here with Nathaniel, I practically jumped for joy at the thought of such an easy week.

- I am pretty messy when left to my own devices! Without Lucas here to make an even bigger mess of my mess or destroy important papers, etc., I spent the time starting a project, leaving it out and moving on to the next one. The house got quite messy throughout each day.

- I have hermit tendencies. I rationalized this based on the 90+ degree temps, but without a 4yo or husband urging me to get out of the house and do something, I was quite happy to simply be home.

- I can't blame Abel for keeping me up too late. Abel and I are both night owls but our love of sleeping in ended abruptly with Lucas's birth. Now, with two young children, it is nearly impossible. Abel still likes to stay up quite late, but I try to be more realistic and get us to bed at a reasonable hour. I always blame him when we stay up too late! So, you'd think with him gone, I'd be in bed and asleep promptly at 10pm every night (my usual goal!). Wrong! I stayed up until around midnight almost every night.

- By the same token, I can't always blame Abel for not replacing the toilet paper when it runs out. Man was I annoyed with myself when I did that!

- Our house creaks and groans at night. It freaked me out a little. No wonder Lucas prays that God will get us a new house that doesn't creak. (True story!)

- As much as I savored the time to myself (and got a lot of stuff done that is hard to do with an active 4yo underfoot), 9 days without my big boys was Far. Too. Long. I am incredibly glad they had such a great time together but am even more glad to have them both back home.

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  2. Grampy and I plan to give you and Abel and Naffy an entire week of just the three of you.. and cannot wait to have Lucas all to ourselves! Next year we will have to decide if we should take each boy for a week alone... hmmm sounds like a plan!


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