Sunday, June 13, 2010

Market Lunch

Friends, pictured above is one of the most simple but delicious lunches I've ever had! Yesterday morning was week 2 of our community market and there was so much wonderful stuff to choose from that I totally ran out of money before I got to the Maryland wine tent! (As an aside, thanks to state legislation initiated by the woman who is the force behind our market, sponsored by one of our state delegates, and passed this year by the MD General Assembly, Maryland wineries can now come to Maryland community/farmers markets!) (And you say government doesn't do anything for you!)

Anyway...I came home and promptly put this meal together. I was so proud of it that I just had to take a photo to share it with you! (The hydrangea is from my garden--my attempt at being an artsy food photographer.)

Here's a description of the meal with links to the vendors:

A hearty slice of farmers bread from the Cheverly Breadbasket with Caprikorn's to-die-f0r goat's milk gouda (toasted to crisp the bread and melt the gouda) with a salad of crisp lettuce and sliced cucumber from Shlagel Farm. For dessert, fresh and wonderfully sweet strawberries from Rebert's Farm. (The only component not from the market is a drizzling of my homemade Sweet and Sour Dressing.)

It was so good, I'm having it again today!

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