Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Uncle Eric

This morning a classmate of Lucas's brought a very tiny dead snake in a zip lock bag to school. She was proudly showing it off to everyone so when we got there she immediately brought it over to Lucas. He was fairly unimpressed and told her, "my Uncle Eric has a bigger snake at his house. It's a corn snake and I pet it."

One of the teachers turned to me and said, "I've just GOT to meet this Uncle Eric. Lucas talks about him all the time." Then the other teacher jumped in, "yeah, Uncle Eric said Lucas can have a beer when he's 21."

I do believe the actual quote was, "I'll buy you your first beer when you turn 21."

Rest assured, Uncle Eric, you loom large in the mind of Lucas and apparently his teachers and classmates as well!

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  1. This is hysterical! I cringe sometimes when I think about the things my kids must tell their teachers about my family.


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