Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brown Bagging It

 Of course I'm not actually bringing in a brown paper bag every day for lunch. What a waste! And I know that the most green thing to do is use what I have instead of buying a new lunch bag. But, my current lunch bag (left) leaves MUCH to be desired. As you can see.

Since I am using a TON of restraint to not eat lunch out every single day at one of the literally hundreds of cafes, restaurants and lunch spots--including a plethora of DC food trucks--within a few blocks of my new office, I do think I at least deserve a cute new lunch bag.

I'm sure you agree! RIGHT?

But, which one to get? Decisions...decisions!

This Koko Cristy lunch bag looks adorable! It definitely takes the cute factor. But, I'm a bit concerned it would be too small for my lunch and snacks. ($15.98 on Amazon)

I'm a big fan of Built NY (and also black, apparently!) and love this Built NY Getaway. Reviews assure me that it would be big enough and I know from experience that the neoprene stretches and also is easy to clean. ($17.15 on Amazon)

I'm seeing So Young's lunch boxes in all the back-to-school round-ups but how about this lovely large cooler? It is quite tempting....but do I love it as much as $36.95? Hmmm....

What do you think, friends? Or, do you have another favorite I should consider?

Here are some more great lunch box inspirations:

Apartment Therapy's Cool For School: Lunch Bags for Older Kids

Apartment Therapy's Cool for School Lunch Bags for Toddlers and Young Kids

Swistle's Milk and Cookies

Oh, P.S., I'm not even close to being sophisticated enough on this blog to have an Amazon affiliate program or anything like that so those links above are just links, nothing more.

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  1. I just have a huge purse and throw my tupperware/lunch in it until I get to work, but my sister loves her Built and has been using it for years.

  2. Tough decision! Good Luck and report back. My dad would take his brown bag lunch to work everyday but then at the end of the week bring a stack of bags back home to be used again. Not suggesting it, but this post reminded me of him!

  3. I am a big fan of neoprene bags for one of the reasons you already said- they are easily cleaned. They are also flexible to fit different types of containers.

  4. Oh there are so many great choices and through the years, I've tried tons but have to say that I love my Built NY one. It was a lunchbox splurge the last time I went back to work but it's my fave! I love that I can throw it in the washing machine, hang dry it, and it dries super fast. It's also stretchy enough so it can accommodate some bulk nicely without ripping. I recently bought one for my husband and the kids have mini-versions too! Good luck in your decision as you look to spice up brown bagging it! :)


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