Monday, August 8, 2011

Three Weeks to Go!

I can hardly believe that my baby boy will start Kindergarten in THREE weeks. How is this possible? I'll admit that I was excited for this day for months but now that it is almost here, I'm getting a little nervous and weepy at the thought. He was in a full-day nursery school for two years so this really won't be much different. And yet it IS very, very different.

Honestly I think my weepiness has more to do with the big change in my life than this upcoming change in his. (Yes, that is a total teaser for a future post!!!)

I'm in love with this morning checklist FREE download from Children Inspire Design (one of my favorite Etsy shops and the source of the adorable counting cards I enjoy daily in Nathaniel's nursery). It won't really work for Lucas because he can't read...yet...but I think it would be fun to display nevertheless.
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  1. I know this feeling! The first day my little one went to kindergarten, I cried like a child myself. I was thrilled when he came home and said, "mommy, I like it but I don't think I wanna go back." It was much easier to get him scooted off the next day knowing that we were on the same page. :)


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