Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Recently I went through a tough week or two, mentally. I tried lots of little things to help get me out of my funk and yet it lingered and lingered. I rarely buy things for myself, rather my MO is to fill on-line shopping carts and then close the page. But, I was anticipating a nice paycheck from a tedious freelance gig and so gave myself permission to buy a few little treats.

The first treat I bought was stationary from Linda & Harriett, whose amazing sale I learned about on the Simple Song blog. For about $25 total, I got beautiful letterpress hedgehog note cards (click through to Simple Song and check out them out, top left!), lovely happy birthday note cards, an old calendar that had postcards on the bottom to cut off and an assortment of lovely mismatched pieces.

Receiving this bundle in the mail -- including two pink Linda & Harriett pencils as a bonus gift! -- brought me great joy; helped reinvigorate my New Year's resolution to mail birthday cards; and, brought joy to several lucky April-born card recipients!

Win! Win! Win!

(Sorry that it's a loss for you as the sale is over. Boo!)

I also allowed myself to purchase two long-pinned and long-desired items from the etsy shop YellowHeartArt:

Print from YellowHeartArt

Necklace from YellowHeartArt

These two gems are on their way right now and I can't wait to open the package! The print will go in our basement family room -- our main fort-making area -- and the necklace, of course, will go right around my neck!

Here's to small treats!

P.S. Abel and Lucas released the Praying Mantis babies in different sections of our yard on Monday morning before school. I continued to worry about them that night as the temperatures dropped so low. Hopefully they are okay. I think we'll go on a bug hunt this weekend to see if we can track any of them down!

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  1. Good for you for treating yourself. I LOVE that necklace. And if you run out of praying mantises, I'm sure you can have some of mine. The egg case arrived today.

  2. fun! you're going to have to take the things that you already have bought/received off of your pinterest WANT list so no one gets you something you already have. hint. I'm still waiting on Naf's birthday post. :)


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