Friday, February 1, 2013

Spelling Practice

We've had this magnetic wall and alphabet magnets for several years, but other than the magnets getting batted off the wall at every opportunity, they don't get much use. You see, although we followed the directions and put at least three (or was it four?) coats of magnetic paint on the walls, they barely hold lightweight magnets and you can forget holding up a piece of paper.

Recently, as I was struggling to engage Lucas in the practice of his spelling words (homework is a huge struggle every. single. day.), a light bulb went off.

We ran downstairs and pretended to be on the Electric Company -- pulling the letters down to form words. Yay for our magnetic wall! Yay for alphabet magnets! They certainly make spelling practice a lot more fun -- for both of us!

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  1. I tell ya, I think my husband is on coat 5 or 6, and testing is still showing a much weaker magnetic hold than we'd expected. He's going to just keep going until he finishes this second can, I think!

    Love the idea with the letters. I think that will be copied in our kitchen for our younger kids. Maybe it can even facilitate sibling reading lessons as our 5 year old gets closer and closer to breaking the code. :)

  2. Way to go. Love it when a parent comes up with a clever idea that works for their kid !!!


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