Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Missing Susan

From The DC Moms

After she died, it took me a long time to write about Susan. And now, suddenly and far-too-long at the same time, she has been gone for an entire year. I did lose count of how many moons it's been since she died, but whenever I look up and see the moon--full or just a sliver--I think of her. So, so often, I think of her. I didn't know Susan as well as so many others. I only knew her for a few years before she died. But she touched my life forever. And I am so, so grateful that I may have touched hers just a bit as well.

I miss you, Susan. I love you, Susan.

As we honor Susan’s memory, please consider furthering her legacy through a contribution to the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Link to Susan’s Toddler Planet site:

Please join bloggers throughout the web in honoring Susan Niebur's life and contributions with a post, and please add your link below.

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  1. I always think of Susan when I see a mon too. Especially a moon during the day.

  2. Love to you Aimee. Your words about Susan are beautiful.

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