Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And some light fun to balance it all out

This weekend Lucas and I went to visit my parents so Abel could continue working on our bedroom.


I didn't tell you that before this whole crazy illness thing happened we had crammed all our bedroom furniture into the guest room so we could finally make something respectable out of our room, the last room in the house (other than the kitchen which is a whole other story) to see a paint can or anything at all decor-wise? And the project which already was larger-in-proportion than I wanted it to be has grown in scope? Yeah, so much fun.


We left to come back home Sunday evening about 7pm. Lucas was bathed and in jammies and I anticipated he'd conk out and sleep for most of the drive home. Then, it would be a seamless transfer to his crib and we'd be all set.

Boy was I wrong. But, in a good way.

It was one of the most entertaining 2-hour car rides of my life. Seriously, he was awesome company. We spent about an hour pointing out all the various farms (cows!), trucks, water towers, radio towers, etc. that we passed. He pointed out as many things as I did, "Look, Mama, that crane is holding a flag!" And his newest obsessive question, "What is that?" was out in force.

Then, he spent a solid half hour pretending to be different animals. I'd appropriately freak out about how in the world DID A ROOSTER GET IN THE CAR, which earned peels of laughter from him before he'd finally admit, "Mama, it is just me, Lucas!"

The absolute best part, though, was right after we hit the beltway. I turned on the radio and Truckin by the Grateful Dead came on. Almost immediately, Lucas started rockin out. He was singing at the top of his lungs (all sorts of non-sense words/lyrics) and pumping his fist in the air. He did this for the entire song! I was trying desperately to sing along, too, but literally couldn't hear the words above him so I ended up just giving a few "woo-hoos" and "yeah, mans".

Forget Jose Luis Orozco, we need to put more Jerry on this kid's play list.

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  1. What an awesome blog and awesome son you have! Mike and I well remember Lucas's "rocking out" and "yeah man"'s during his major rockout session with his drumset over christmas. We both decided then that he would definitely be the coolest kid in his class and possibly even a famous musician. :)


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