Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank goodness for health insurance

The big bills are rolling in.

Room and board for my three nights totaled more than $9,000. Patient responsibility: $0.

Labs were more than $3,000. Patient responsibility: $0.

Surgery hasn't yet arrived.

I am truly grateful for health insurance. Specifically, Abel's health insurance. As a part-time, hourly employee, I have no benefits. Zip. Zero. Nada.

Here's the text of an e-mail I sent to the President and the CFO of the organization Abel works for last week.

Dear X and Y,

Earlier this afternoon I received a phone call from a care representative with our health care insurance. When I answered the phone, I readied myself for a billing issue but was pleasantly shocked to find they were just calling to check up on me after my hospital stay and to let me know that they were there with additional resources should I need them.

After their phone call, I felt compelled to write a personal note to you to thank you both for the excellent health care you provide to your employees. Of all the things which crossed our minds during this ordeal, never once did we have to worry about our health insurance covering whatever treatment options are recommended.

In a previous job, I served on the staff health benefits committee and that experience gave me a more clear understanding than many about the costs involved with providing such excellent health care options to a relatively small organization. And, I certainly understand the fiscal challenges of running a successful non-profit.

I imagine that making the decision to invest in health care for your employees has been a sometimes hard decision to balance out with many other areas. Thank you both for making the decisions you have to provide your employees and their families with excellent health benefits.

I know you do a lot for employee morale and certainly the parties and fun days get the spotlight, so-to-speak, but I just wanted to write to share my heartfelt appreciation for this other, very critical, way that you put employees first.

In appreciation,

Smiling Mama

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  1. That is a nice surprise. Hope that you are well.


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