Monday, December 7, 2009

40% off Coupons for Kodak Gallery

Many, many weeks ago I randomly decided to respond to an e-mail request for people to host house parties for Kodak Gallery. We use Kodak Gallery for most of our digital picture needs and so the e-mail came to my personal e-mail account. I filled out a survey and promptly forgot all about it. Then, several weeks ago I got an e-mail that I had been selected as a host.

Fun, right?

So, this past weekend we had a few friends over and I showed off the Kodak goodies I'd gotten to create for free. The nice people at Kodak also sent me samples of various holiday cards (which really confused Abel for several moments as he tried to figure out who in the world The Bakers were when he didn't recognize anyone in the photo!) AND they sent me literally more than 100 coupons for 40% off pretty much anything on the site (everything, actually except the 9 cent prints). My friends took lots of coupons to use and pass along to their friends and family but I still have a huge pile left.

Who would I rather give them to than my loyal blog readers? No one, that's who!

The thing is that literally every coupon has a different code, so I can't just print the code here and say "go enjoy!" Rather, you'll have to e-mail me directly (smilingaimee at gmail dot com) and I'll write back with a code just for you. The catch is that they all expire on December 12. So, if you've been waiting to do your photo cards or want to order the grandparents one of those nifty photo calendars then you should definitely get a code and make time to do is this week!

Just drop me an e-mail (smilingaimee at gmail dot com) with something like "Kodak Code" or "Coupon please" in the subject and I'll so my best to respond promptly! Enjoy!

Blogging disclaimer: Okay, I am pretty sure that being selected as a host had nothing to do with the fact that I have a blog, but I did receive $75 in free Kodak Gallery products for hosting a party and got like a gazillion coupons to give out to friends and family. People, they really want you to check out their newly redesigned site!

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  1. Thanx for giving me such a nice information of kodak Gallery and photographs.I also visited a site before that is also providing variety of frames, albums, mugs, games, calendars ,collages to show off your finest photos and Kodak Gallery coupons .To know more that site you can visit at least once.

  2. Woo hoo! What fun! I have always wanted to make a calendar for my parents but I just don't think it will happen this December in time for the new year. I love the sites that allow you to start your calendar at any month. Do you know off hand if the Kodak site allows you to do that?

    I know I've seen it before...I just can't remember what site! Thanks! :)


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