Friday, December 11, 2009

Favorite Things Friday: Good Search

I've oft mentioned my sister on this blog but have rarely, if ever, mentioned my brother. It's not for lack of love but rather because my sister also has a blog and therefore puts herself "out there" on the internet so I feel she's fair game. My brother hasn't done that and so I feel it's only fair to not put him "out there" myself.

But, for today's Favorite Things Friday, I'm featuring a website my brother told me about and I'm also taking the opportunity to brag about him a bit. He's the executive director of a fledgling non-profit in Philadelphia called Urban Blazers. Their mission is to provide "unique opportunities for physical activity and education, contact with nature, and social connection to promote the healthy development of underserved youth in Philadelphia." So basically they take inner-city kids who maybe rarely get out of their neighborhood, let alone get to do something many of us take for granted like go camping, and take them on outdoor adventures. In the process, they teach the kids about nature, science and, most importantly, about themselves and what they can achieve.

Pretty cool, right? (Also, my brother? He's very cute, tall and single...just sayin')

So anyway, there's this great search engine and shopping website that makes contributions to non-profit organizations like Urban Blazers. It's called Good Search. All it takes on your part is going to the site to do your searches or your on-line shopping. You select the organization you want your search or purchase to support and they get the money.

Simple, right?

If you don't have any other non-profit you want to support, I'd love to recommend Urban Blazers. Most likely you do have a favorite non-profit so go to the site and search for them in the "Who do you Goodsearch for?" box before you do your search or your shopping.

Easy as pie and if we all did it on a regular basis, it would help some wonderful non-profits tremendously.

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  1. "he's also cute, tall, and single...just sayin'" haha! too funny. :)

    Nice of you to give our bro a shoutout on your blog. He and the organization he works for deserve it!


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