Saturday, December 12, 2009

Will sharing a closet be the true test of our marriage?

After more than six years of marriage, my husband and I are now sharing a closet for the very first time. We've successfully weathered good times and challenging times but now I'm wondering, will this be the true test of our marriage?

Our first apartment and current home have had the lovely charm of older construction: hardwood floors, thick walls and unique details. Unfortunately they also have had the not-so-lovely charm of very small closets.

We have successfully worked around this problem by one of us keeping their clothes in the guest room. For the past several years, I called our current guest room my dressing room. I filled up the closet with my clothes and had my dresser, jewelry and mirror in there. My husband used the closet in our master bedroom and had his dresser in there as well.

This arrangement worked out quite nicely over the years. I kept my closet as messy or as organized as I wanted: as long as the door was shut he didn't notice or care. Same for his closet.

Now, with the impending arrival of baby #2 in January, our older son is moving into the guest room. And, with that move I'm not only losing my dressing room but my husband and I are now sharing a closet for the first time ever!

Because my maternity wardrobe is considerably smaller than any season's regular wardrobe, he's currently taking up two-thirds of the hanging space. Of course, I've taken up more than half of the shelving with my purses and shoes. So far we've both kept things neat and tidy, but that's not saying much as it's only been a week!

I'm a little nervous about this new arrangement. What will happen when I fit back into my regular clothes and need more space? How will he handle it when I sloppily discard the first few shirt or pants options I try on one morning? How annoyed will I be when his ties don't get put back on their rack but get strewn over the shelf? Or when he leaves his dirty clothes on the floor?

These may just be our marriage's true tests!

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Bowie Mike said...
Well, at least your problems are small in comparison to the problems in the Tiger Wood's home. In our bedroom, a previous owner created a closet that ran the entire length of the room. It made the room 4 feet shorter, but it solved the closet space problem. Not sure if that's an option for you. If not, there's always counseling :)

ShallowGal said...
I always say the secret to a successful marriage is separate closets and bathrooms.

Nursing tops said...
hahaha that is nice i think Mike. it doensn't really matter for me if i have a small room so long as my things are all kept organized in the closet.

Original post by Smiling Mama. Thanks for reading!

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