Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting ready

We've been busy, busy, busy getting ready for baby. Lucas is all moved into his new Big Boy Room and the transition was awesome. Several times in the past few months when I mentioned (e.g. tried to hype) the move, he suggested that he should just stay in his room. So, I was very worried that when he came home from a few extra nights at my parents' house to find the Christmas decorations completely gone AND a brand new bedroom, he'd freak out. But, he was totally excited and has slept there through the entire night since Saturday. Woo hoo! We just have a few more things to hang on the walls and then I'll do a big reveal for you, dear readers, but I'll tell you now that it is fantastic and I'm very, very pleased with it.

As for the nursery, we have it painted and the crib is up and boxes and boxes and bags and bags of baby stuff are just piled in there. I'll tell you, it's a bit overwhelming. Baby boy will sleep in our room in the bassinet for at least a few weeks (and probably more like a few months!) so I'm not feeling that the room has to be 100% put together RIGHT NOW but we do need to do a ton of wash: all the fabric parts of the car seat and stroller, blankets, sheets, bibs, hats and all the littlest clothes.

Abel got one load of clothes in the wash for me yesterday. As I was folding them last night I was basically in disbelief. There is NO WAY Lucas was ever that tiny. Seriously. As I folded one teeny-tiny onesie after another, I decided that the only possible explanation is that they all shrunk in the attic over the past four years.

What are we going to do with a baby that small?

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  1. That's great news about Lucas and I am getting so excited for you as you prepare for the arrival of your new little guy! Hooray!

  2. Wow, I can't wait to see both rooms! I'm sure that everything will come together when it needs to. Best wishes!:)


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