Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Many Challenges of Being Pregnant During the Swine Flu Epidemic

Oh the challenges of being pregnant during the Swine Flu (H1N1) epidemic!

My first challenge was deciding to get the vaccine or not. As a pregnant woman, I was in the highest priority group. But, was it safe? Ultimately, I decided that the risks outweighed the benefits and that my then-three year old son and I should both get it. Making that decision brought on challenge number two: finding a place to get the vaccine. Amazingly enough, the DC government pulled through with an incredibly efficient series of clinics held throughout the city and we were both vaccinated this fall, long before my OB or Lucas’s pediatrician received their supplies of the vaccine.

Now, I’m encountering Pregnant During Swine Flu Challenge number three: because of concerns about Swine Flu, hospitals in Maryland (and probably across the country) are following CDC guidelines to severely restrict young visitors. The practical implication of this is that our now-four year old son will not be allowed to visit me or meet his little brother in the hospital when the “blessed event” occurs anytime in the next few weeks.

Like most second-time moms, I’ve given a great deal of thought to how the birth of the new baby will affect our older son. After all, for four years, Lucas has been the center of our universe. The thought has crossed my mind that there’s no way I will love another baby as much as I love him. I know. I know. Every mother assures me that the capacity of your heart expands for every child. But, surely, caring for a newborn will mean that my husband and I won’t have as much time and attention for Lucas.

So, throughout this pregnancy we’ve been thinking of special things we can do to ease the transition. Someone suggested that the baby get his big brother a special “I love you” gift. And, those “I’m the Big Brother” t-shirts are just adorable—I’m on the lookout for one. I also had a lovely vision of the moment Lucas came to the hospital to meet his little brother and dreamed of how I could make it extra-special. But, because of Swine Flu, that won’t be possible.

Darn you, Swine Flu!

Original post to DC Metro Moms. Aimee Olivo can be found blogging at Smiling Mama and Out by Ten while waiting for the arrival for baby boy #2. After that, she might be a little scarce for a bit while she figures out how to be the mom of boys (plural!).

Original post by Smiling Mama. Thanks for reading!

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