Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tour of Lucas's New Big Boy Room

Abel and I finished Lucas's new big boy room right after New Year's Day. We were working overtime on it right after Christmas while Lucas spent a couple of extra days with my parents. I'm thrilled with how it turned out and Lucas loves it, too! Here's a little tour.

We ordered the bed and dresser via jcpenney.com and are very happy with the quality for a great price. Actually, come to think of it, a large majority of his room is from JC Penney--I got the bedspread, sham and roman shades there, too.

The piece de resistance of the room is the license plate display. Thank goodness my sister and her Marine hubby have moved around so often in the past few years! They supplied the majority of the plates. We just got some Ohio plates from my in-laws so will add another row when we have two more. (These were SO hard to photograph because they all have reflective paint!)

My aunt bought this framed world map at auction years ago for a few bucks. She gave it to us and we hung it at Lucas's eye level. It's a tad bit out of date (don't look at Eastern Europe too closely!). We'd like to get a US map to hang above it. That's the new closet on the right.

This is a little cozy spot to read books. My brother drew the two framed illustrations. They're the first to pages of a really awesome book my sister wrote for Lucas before he was born.

Here you can see the new dresser and shades. I'm planning to frame a photo of the "Lucas Baby Buckeye" painting my mom and I painted on the wall of Lucas's nursery. It was a sad moment when Abel painted over it for Nathaniel's new room.

Oh, here's the painting from the nursery.

Hopefully I'll have photos of the new nursery ready soon so I can take you on a tour of that as well!

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  1. So nice! Love the license plates!

  2. I love his big boy room, especially the license plate display!


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