Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Cards

Before we leave the holidays behind completely, let's talk Christmas cards for a few minutes.

First, if you don't already read Swistle, you must click over to read her Christmas Card Scoring System post. It is great. (Also read her post about actually scoring a card. It is hysterical.

Second, I'm so curious how many cards other people send and receive. So, I've opened up another little poll on the side (see right or click through if you're reading this through a feed). My bra poll was so fun and enlightening, I hope you'll take a moment to fill this one out--estimates are fine--and I'll post the results after a few days.

Here are my answers: We sent out 78 Christmas cards. We received 45 Christmas cards. That includes one political card/donation request which I displayed because I thought it was pretty (I threw several more away), a card from Ohio State requesting a donation which is so beautiful I'd consider ordering it to send as our Christmas cards and one card from our insurance company which was also nice enough to display.

This isn't part of the poll, but as an aside, I ordered our cards from Vistaprint this year. They were very inexpensive and I was very happy with them. However, we received about four cards which had been printed through tiny prints and those were all my absolute favorites. So, next year, I will consider spending a bit more to order through tiny prints. Or, I won't and I'll simply enjoy the tiny prints cards we receive.

Thanks for playing along!

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  1. we used tiny prints, and if you can catch them during a sale, it isn't bad. Like I ordered before nov. 1st and got early bird pricing and it was not too expensive. And I loved my cards!

  2. We used tiny prints too, but I bought a groupon (paid $25 for $50 towards an order), I was pleased with the design and card stock quality.


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