Sunday, April 11, 2010

Three Months

Dear Nathaniel,

Today you are three months old! I can hardly believe that I've already filled one large tub with clothes you've out grown.

The insane amount of snow that fell when you were just a few weeks old has melted and our yard has exploded with color. Like the world around you, you have also awakened in the past few weeks into an aware little baby. All day long you watch me and your big brother; you want to be in the center of the action and hate being left alone in a room. Whenever Dada, Lucas or I look right at you and smile, you respond with the most amazing open-mouth grins. You're pretty quiet overall, hardly crying except to let me know you'd like a change of scenery or that you're STARVING (you go from content to starving in about 3 seconds, it seems!).

I'm a lot busier now than I was when I was home as a new mom with your big brother. I can barely remember how he and I spent our days but I know most of them were just the two of us staying at home or going for walks around the neighborhood. You and I, however, are very busy and get out and about every day. We go to the grocery store or run errands and you've already joined me at numerous meetings for all the civic and volunteer activities I'm part of. You're a wonderful companion at meetings, by the way, and will sleep quietly or lay on my lap looking up at me without fussing. And, of course, everyone comments on how beautiful and good you are!

Just before 2:45 every afternoon we walk over to pick Lucas up from his nursery school and the day seems to move into warp speed while we go to the park or do some other Lucas-centered activity.

I am also proud to report that in the past week you've gone from waking every 3 hours to sleeping for 8 hours each night. (Trust me, I'm knocking on the wooden dining room table as I type!!). THANK YOU, my son. Your brother was sleeping at least 6 hours by about 6 weeks and I truly was about to lose it after 11 weeks without getting more than 4 1/2 hours of consecutive sleep. I also am totally getting a kick out of the fact that you jumped from 3 hours to 8 in a single night. I do believe you're going to keep us on our toes, little Nathaniel!

I love you so much, little buddy, and am trying to savor you at each and every stage of your life. Thanks for coming into our lives and for being such a wonderful you.

Love always,

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  1. Beautiful post, Aimee! I can't believe Nathaniel is three months old already!

  2. Hooray for sleeping through! It makes such a huge difference, doesn't it?


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