Friday, April 30, 2010

In two minutes

Nathaniel is this close to rolling over. Rolling over! As soon as he does that he'll be crawling then walking then running like a crazy big boy at the park. Well, maybe that will take a year or two but it feels like it will only take two minutes. Because, wasn't it just that long ago that Lucas rolled over? Yes. Yes it was.

And now Lucas is SO big. I can walk away from him in the tub. Heck, he can wash himself. He can get dressed (but still prefers to be dressed!). I can barely pick him up and sometimes his running hugs on my legs literally knock me back.

How did this happen? Where did those two minutes go?


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  1. I know this feeling so well. One day I looked at my husband and said "Umm, how come we have three kids?" and he replied, "I don't know, it seems like we only just met!" ... so I know he feels the same way :-) I guess it's a good reminder to hold tight to the good times, they will pass very quickly - to be followed by more good times, to be sure, but we should cherish them all the same.


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