Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Fortune

Abel and I used a months-old gift card to enjoy a lunch date at P.F. Changs earlier this week. What a treat! I just love lunch dates. Of course, our darling companion Nathaniel tagged along although he had already eaten. (Lucas was at school--shhh don't tell!)

Nathaniel spent the entire lunch watching all the activity of the restaurant. His head turned to follow every server and he did quite a bit of flirting with the table of three ladies to his left (and behind my back!).

At the end of the meal, Nathaniel chose his fortune cookie and this was his fortune, "Your happy heart brings joy and peace where there is none."

I thought it was so perfect for our happy boy. His lovely nature and constant smiles (he always has one at the ready for anyone who gives him even a glance) bring such joy to our little family as well as all friends and strangers we encounter on our journeys. I am so grateful for such a sweet baby.


My own fortune was one to remember as well: The simplest answer is to act. (The fortune cookie version of Just Do It!) Too often I dither or worry or get stuck in the circles of my own thinking. I need to just get out of my own head and act much more often. Maybe I'll put mine on the fridge!

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