Friday, March 4, 2011

Line Dry

Several weeks ago I posted on Facebook that Abel could probably fix anything.

The next day our dryer broke.

It still isn't fixed.

Well, he's fixed it several times before (replaced the belt at least 3 times). The timing element had been broken for a few days at that point (as we found out when I put a final load in one Saturday night and came downstairs AFTER church on Sunday morning to find the drying still going!). But that was easily "fixed" by using the kitchen timer.

Now it no longer heats. (Kinda' the main thing a dryer does, right?)

The week it broke was an extra busy one. So, we figured it would be easy to line dry for a few days until Abel had a chance to fix it.

And here we are MANY WEEKS later (five? maybe six?) and we're still line drying. There isn't even a monster pile of laundry on the floor. In fact, we've been keeping up with it quite nicely.

I have to admit that almost every day (the key here is to do a load a day because you need the almost the entire day to line dry) I am shocked that: 1) I haven't yet freaked out about this situation, and 2) It isn't so bad.

(Major props to Abel who has been very creative with places to hang laundry and has been very diligent in hanging it!)

I think if we can make it into March Abel will put up a clothesline in the back yard and maybe we'll make this a regular thing.

(Don't worry, neighbors, undies will remain on the drying rack inside. A line has to be drawn!)

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  1. oh my goodness. that is hilarious. 1. there's no way ryan is fixing a dryer. 2. hanging clothes all over my house would probably drive me a little nuts. glad you are staying sane.

  2. Last summer our dryer wonked out, and I too was surprised how "not so bad, actually" it was to do laundry outside on the line! But it SUPER helped that it was hot breezy summer!


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