Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Up, Up, Up

Our little guy loves to climb...

Happy as a clam on top of the table. He's never even considered sitting in those lovely chairs!

Usually this stool is against the kitchen sink so Lucas can easily wash his hands...now I have to make sure it is in the middle of the floor or I'll find Nathaniel standing at the sink playing with whatever (usually breakable!) things are in there! (Note that he's climbing from the back and not going the easy way via the step on the front!)

His goal was to climb from the cart onto the top of the shelves. But as he reached, the cart slowly rolled back. Of course I had to snap a quick pic before helping him!

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  1. That smile - he is going to get away with a lot - with a smile like that!!

  2. Oh! he's looking cuter than ever. more pics! more pics!


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